8 best business travel management companies in New York

04 Apr 2024 · 12
Managing a corporate travel program is not easy. It’s a full-time and laborious job if you need to do it with spreadsheets, email threads, and Slack messages.
There are many benefits to using a corporate travel management company (TMC) to streamline your travel management processes. These benefits include:
  • Centralized management of corporate travel with self-booking engines so your employees can make their own travel arrangements.
  • Centralized travel data and suggestions on how you can optimize your business travel plans.
  • Centralized invoicing so you don’t have to collect, collate, and reconcile invoices from all the different parties involved.
So how would you know if a TMC offers the modern benefits you need to manage all aspects of your company’s business travel? Let’s look at what makes a great TMC and what’s on offer for you in New York.

Best travel management companies in New York

We’ve selected the best local TMC and online booking tools. Read on to learn more about these travel management tools and what they can offer you. 

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a corporate travel management company that offers an all-in-one digital platform. Our state-of-the-art travel management solution helps you organize all aspects of your company’s business trips. Using the platform, employees can book and manage their own corporate travel. 
You’ll have access to the world’s largest travel inventory for flights and accommodation, and a huge catalog of integrations with third-party software at your fingertips. Trains, planes, cars, or anything else you might fancy—we offer more booking options than any other agency.
Our corporate travel solution comes with many useful features, such as: 
You can rely on the TravelPerk platform to streamline your travel management programs. Revolut and Wise are just two of our very happy TravelPerk customers who have offices in New York.
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 2. Blue Orange Travel

Blue Orange homepage
Blue Orange is a traditional travel company located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. They specialize in luxury and corporate travel planning for individuals or groups to New York City, and can cater to other locations. 
The company is affiliated with the Tzell Travel Group.
They aim to simplify the process of planning your next company trip with a full briefing to understand your desires and offer travel packages. Their services typically include:
  • Best-fit transportation to and from your destination
  • Hotel or rental accommodations
  • Ground transportation services, such as private cars, vans, limousines, shuttle services, car rentals, and more
  • Critical assistance with emergencies, delays, cancellations, and other unexpected obstacles
  • Integrated tech tools so users can keep track of all important trip details, including a mobile app, online booking tools, real-time reservation notifications, and SMS or email alerts.
Their seasoned travel agent veterans personally take care of your travel experience requirements.

TravelPerk offers the same basics of travel management, and so much more:

  • Seven-star customer service: including a target 15-second response time, available 24/7 and 365 days of the year, and not a bot in sight.
  • : enabling cancellations at any time with 80% of your money back.
  • Self-booking travel management platform with automated approvals and automatic travel policy compliance.
From our online booking tool to our high-quality customer service, TravelPerk clients always enjoy the best experience when it comes to corporate travel management.

3. CIRE Travel

CIRE Travel homepage
CIRE Travel is a concierge-style travel agency specializing in corporate and leisure travel planning. They generally cater to small and medium-sized businesses. Their headquarters are in New York and they manage corporate travel programs, using their First in Service Travel affiliation to secure reduced rates on travel spending.
Because of their extensive travel network, they can:
  • Waive change fees when traveler names or plans change
  • Book advance purchase fares even after the advance purchase date has passed
  • Waive preferred airfare seat upcharges
  • Book room upgrades at lower or standard room rate prices
  • Include amenities and services for free, or at a fraction of the standard cost
The CIRE travel planners manage every reservation detail, and you can contact them anytime for emergencies or required changes. They provide an easy-to-read monthly or quarterly detailed corporate travel report. The report includes your travel expenditures, savings, and how they were achieved.
CIRE Travel runs reports for all your corporate travelers for any events that could force travel delays or cancellations. This is part of their Duty of Care, and their planners will proactively reroute and reschedule your traveler’s plans as required. 
While CIRE Travel’s offer may be suitable for those looking for a traditional TMC, TravelPerk offers similar features through a streamlined self-service app. 

TravelPerk simplifies your corporate travel by offering:

  • A larger inventory, meaning better rates and booking options when you need them.
  • : Delivering reliable and verified travel safety information.
  • : Get real-time, actionable data on your company’s carbon emissions.
TravelPerk offers transparent, simple pricing with no surprises. Our seven-star travel support and user-friendly online booking tool make both national and international travel a breeze for teams from organizations of all sizes.

4. Frosch

Frosch homepage
Frosch is a platform-based travel management company. With their global platform, they can ensure that travelers receive the same excellent levels of customer service across all locations. They offer services like:
  • Obex for Business, a travel app that provides your travelers with a single access point for their bookings. Travelers can contact Frosch directly by chat or phone.
  • Global centers of excellence across six continents, with the ability to ticket locally in over 50 specific markets.
  • Innovative in-house solutions and third-party software, using technologies like TripBam and Yapta.
TravelPerk offers this and more while also reducing costs. 

These advantages make TravelPerk stand out:

  • More and better access to international travel options
  • Slick UI and an easy-to-use booking tool
  • Easy user management with integrations and an open API

5. Protravel

Protravel homepage
Protravel International is a local travel agent specializing in local, domestic, and international luxury travel and corporate travel services. They were ranked among the top ten corporate travel agencies by Business Travel News and Travel Weekly.
Their travel advisors are passionate, well-connected, knowledgeable, and deliver personalized services. They offer competitive pricing and negotiations for corporate and executive VIP travel.
TravelPerk, on the other hand, offers easy set-up and a superior mobile app for making business travel bookings. We also include cost-effective budget options.

Here’s how TravelPerk wins on business travel management:

  • The largest travel inventory of all, including air, hotels, rail, and more.
  • Customer care that operates at a guaranteed rapid response time, no matter your location.
  • : Book any type of travel and cancel at any time with no questions asked. Get 80% back on your spend.
TravelPerk only handles corporate travel management, meaning everything we do is focused on finding the best travel solutions for you.

6. Amex GBT (American Express Global Business Travel)

AMEX GBT homepage
Amex GBT is a business travel management company with solutions for travel management policies, business consulting, expense reporting, events, and meetings. 
Their mobile app offers a single centralized way to book and manage corporate travel and expenses. The app features program alerts, AI chatbot assistance, and travel experts with 24/7 availability. 
Amex GBT offers:
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A streamlined mobile app to manage travel bookings
  • 2 million+ overnight stay options
  • Pre-negotiated travel discounts
  • Corporate travel and expense management solutions
  • Solutions for meetings and events
While Amex GBT is a great solution for business travelers, TravelPerk stands out for its streamlined user experience, 7-star customer service with a 15-second response time, industry-leading inventory, and transparent pricing. Customers say TravelPerk is easy to use, and the software comes with no hidden costs, additional implementation costs, or extra fees. 

Reasons why AMEX GBT customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • A huge travel inventory (with particularly wide coverage in Europe), including air, hotels, rail, and more.
  • Customer care operating at a target 15-second response time. 
  • : Enabling cancellations at any time with 80% of your money back.
  • : Delivering you verified, up-to-date traveler safety information.
Amex GBT is a large business travel agency with millions of clients worldwide, making for a less personal experience. At TravelPerk, we’re especially well-suited to working with SMBs, providing tailored solutions to suit their specific needs.
Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms:

7. CTM Travel

CTM Travel homepage
With nearly 30 years of travel program experience, CTM Travel offers sustainability tools, online booking tools, and reporting capabilities. Their platform is a curated suite of global travel tools, configured to their clients’ global and regional business needs. 
CTM offers:
  • Global travel management software
  • Travel risk management in real time
  • A global team of travel agents
  • Airfare forecasting
  • Corporate events management
  • Sustainable travel reporting
When comparing TravelPerk to CTM Travel, users often cite TravelPerk’s easy to use, intuitive consumer-grade booking platform. They also love its 7-star customer service team, which has been described as “.” 
Plus, TravelPerk’s industry-leading inventory is hard to beat, offering options for rail tickets, hotels, and flights. With TravelPerk, travelers will find options for Airbnb bookings, low-cost carriers, free VIP perks, and serviced accommodations. 

Reasons why CTM customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • An industry-leading travel inventory. 
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use app to access trip itineraries and more.
  • Leading support with a target 15-second response time.
Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms:

8. FCM Travel

FCM Travel homepage
FCM Travel is a globally-recognized TMC. Its USA branch was formed in 2007 through ventures with two long-established US TMCs, with over 65 years of experience in the US travel market between them. 
It provides end-to-end travel management and expense services to a wide range of local and multinational clients. 
FCM Travel offers:
  • Travel technology suitable for both SMBs and larger corporations
  • End-to-end itinerary management
  • Dedicated account management and travel consultants
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • FCM Reporting offering AI-assisted data analysis
  • Expense management services
However, FCM Travel does not offer free implementation or account management, meaning there are plenty of hidden costs. You’ll pay per transaction, meaning your monthly fee will change based on booking dates, cancellations, the number of reservations made, and more. 
TravelPerk, on the other hand, prioritizes transparency: Our clear pricing model means you only pay when you travel.

Reasons why FCM Travel customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • Flexible corporate travel booking services with
  • An intuitive platform with dozens of third-party integration options.
  • Guest account option for members booking outside your organization.
Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms:

What should you look for in an effective travel management company?

When you start to look for a travel management company, you’ll need to make sure it can handle the complexities of your travel needs.
Here is a list of the key features you need to consider when comparing your options. You need a business travel company that will keep your travelers safe and deliver on your requirements while saving you money.
The more of the nine features below you can tick off for your prospective travel management company, the more robust they are as a contender:
  1. Many travel and accommodation options: Access to a wide range of travel and accommodation offers so you can compare prices, dates, and deals.
  2. Flexible bookings: Make last-minute changes or cancellations for free or at a small cost.
  3. Centralized invoice collection: A single monthly vendor invoice, so you won’t have to collect and collate invoices from various companies.
  4. Workflows: Built-in approval workflows that can be customized for each business traveler, so you won’t need to run around getting authorizations.
  5. Customer support: Access to human support to take care of your requirements, changes, issues, and emergencies around the clock.
  6. Varied transportation options: Book cars, planes, trains, and other options, all on the same platform. 
  7. Self-service: Allow your employees to book and manage their own corporate travel requirements, while staying in control of the process.
  8. Integration with your travel policy: that are built right into the platform, making it easy for you to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary travel costs.
  9. Reporting tools: Reports on each business traveler, transport type, booking type, and cancellations, so you can find and implement travel optimizations.
Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar travel agencies were your only options. Technology has enabled the world of online travel management to evolve rapidly, so be sure to choose a modern travel platform as your TMC for ultimate convenience and cost-savings. 

How to choose the best New York travel management company

These companies and online platforms all have their strengths and shortcomings, but TravelPerk is the only TMC that ticks all the boxes. We offer you travel industry-leading innovation, automation, and cost efficiency. 
We’re the only business travel company on this list that focuses solely on corporate travel management, as opposed to the others which also offer services for leisure travel. This means we’re experts in business travel, offering travel management services tailored to your needs, such as our GreenPerk carbon offsetting program.
TravelPerk is a travel management solution that helps manage all aspects of your company’s business trips. To learn more about how TravelPerk can streamline your organization’s business travel program,
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