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Always having to change flights, get refunds, different days, switch hotels, TravelPerk has been a lifesaver! I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so happy that you do! You do all the running around for me.

Claire Little, Personal Assistant at GoCardless

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Why do you offer so much awesomeness for free? Is it too good to be true?

Booking leisure travel online is free, isn’t it? We figured it was about time someone refreshed business travel. Similar to vacation booking sites, we earn our revenue from airline and hotel commissions. This allows us to keep our core service free for you. The difference between us and those consumer sites is we’re wired for business travelers. We bring the consumer experience to business travel alongside features that solve problems for the traveler, the travel manager, and the finance team.

Is ”Free” enough or will I eventually have to upgrade?

Our strategy is NOT to push customers from ”Free” to Premium. We make our commission from the airlines and hotels. We want you to use the plan that’s right for you. ”Free” is enough for most companies to improve their business travel. With ”Free”, you can always book trips, get support, put a cap on trip costs, and easily report and invoice. Free provides a far better experience than costly legacy tools and agencies out there. For companies who need more and wish to truly go above and beyond for their travelers, there’s Premium.

Can I get corporate rates and multiple travel policies in ”Free”?

No. If you need to save corporate negotiated hotel rates, or create multiple travel policies (for different cities, for example), then you will need to upgrade to our Premium plan.

Do you really have the world’s largest inventory?

Yes! State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of what we do. We integrate with all major GDS networks and then on top of that, to the whole internet! This means we have access to everything your travel agent has in addition to Expedia,, Skyscanner, Airbnb and more. We are fully integrated with this inventory, so you can book, pay, invoice, and report all in one place.

Can employees use TravelPerk for personal travel?

Yes! We call it ’Bleisure’. A little business, a little leisure. For companies on a Premium plan, employees can book their private trips using TravelPerk (paying for themselves, of course). This means that for any leisure trip, employees and their family and friends get to enjoy all the same features, support and perks.

What is the TK Executive Club?

Our TK Executive Club is an individual status designed for senior-level frequent travelers. Each Premium account gets to invite 3 employees to join the TK Executive Club. Each TK Executive Club member gets a ‘business-class’ experience for all their trips. This includes free lounge passes, hotel upgrades, personal travel assistance, personal concierge service and other personal perks.

Do Premium accounts get better inventory?

No. Free and Premium accounts have the same access to the world’s best travel inventory. The difference between these accounts is the level of support, corporate travel management features (like corporate rates), and special travel perks. The inventory is the same.

Can I just pay an extra €10 to add Premium features to a specific trip?

No, you can’t pay an extra €10 to book Premium on demand. Your company will need to sign up for a Premium plan and the monthly cost will be the total number of trips multiplied by €10. This means that the business as a whole gets access to great features like customized reports, unlimited travel policy approvals, and help with group booking.

How does my company pay?

With the ”Free” plan, you pay with credit card or direct debit at the time of booking. If your company prefers to pay on a monthly basis, then you can do so with our Premium plan.

Can I book trips for someone else?

Yes! With everyone’s travel data saved in the system TravelPerk makes it easy to book for others. Of course travelers can also book trips for themselves and easily make sure they stay within the company’s travel policy. Executive assistants, office managers and travel managers love us for that (and more).

Is this platform only for booking flights?

Nope! You can book your entire trip with TravelPerk - hotels, apartments, trains, cars, and even group bookings for team events.

Do you offer Airbnb?

Yes! In addition to having access to thousands of inventory sources for hotels, we also allow bookings with Airbnb. Integrations with more alternative accommodation sources are on the way!

Can TravelPerk help us with group trip booking?

Absolutely! We can help you book a company end-of-year event in Madrid or a big tradeshow in London. The huge hassle of group booking will be handled for you end-to-end. Note that this support is only available with our Premium plan.

What issues can the 24/7 travel assistance help me with?

On the ”Free” plan, our travel assistants are super easy to reach via chat, email, and phone (unlike many travel agents or customer support for other booking platforms). The travel assistants can help you with cancellations, rescheduling, and other common issues. On our Premium plan, you get priority support from senior travel agents who can take care of special requests and group bookings in addition to customer care for your trip. Our senior travel agents go above and beyond to support you at every step of the journey!

How does the expense reporting work?

You have all your invoices in one place and real-time smart reports for all travel data. We integrate with Expensify, so that every trip booked with TravelPerk is automatically added to your Expensify account. That means the finance department can see everything right away and you don’t need to chase invoices ever again.

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