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Get free access to the world’s largest travel inventory and our #1 rated Customer Care Team with all our plans.

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Simplify and consolidate business travel booking

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Business travel basic:

  • World’s largest travel inventory
  • Travel data reports
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • TravelCare risk management
  • Travel agent service
  • Flights, hotels, trains, cars
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • BambooHR
  • Google Calendar
  • Expensify
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Manage travelers and better control company travel spend

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Everything in Free, and:

  • Policies and approval processes
  • TravelCare risk management
  • FlexiPerk cancelation policy on per-trip basis
  • Secure traveler sign-in (SSO)
  • SCIM user provisioning
  • Concierge
  • Travel optimization insights
  • Airbnb
  • Book from TravelPerk’s exclusive rates
  • Book your corporate negotiated rates
  • Flexible payment options
  • Top-up
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Optimize and refine travel with advanced solutions

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Everything in Premium, and:

  • Expenses API
  • Budgets by cost center
  • Rates negotiation service
  • Corporate rates
  • Advanced visual reports, with customized, detailed reports monthly, or as requested
  • TravelCare risk management
  • Flexible payment options
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Full feature list

Corporate travel management Free Premium Pro
Consolidated invoicing
Labels and cost centers
Organize your bookings and travel spend for better analysis and administrative tracking
Approval processes
Set up approval workflows for all trips or only those that are out of policy
Travel optimization insights
SCIM user provisioning
Travel data reports
Get simple reports on monthly travel spend by traveler and office location
Receive monthly visual reports with travel spend broken up by department, projects, etc.
In addition to our advanced visual report in Premium, we'll create customized, detailed reports monthly, or as requested
TravelCare risk management
Travelers get alerts of possible travel disruptions—both during their search and post-booking
A complete suite of traveler safety features including alerts, tracking, notifications, and contact options
A complete suite of traveler safety features including alerts, tracking, notifications, and contact options
Travel assistance
24/7 Customer Care
Reach our 7-star in-house support team 24/7
Get fast-track access to our senior staff at any time
Get fast-track access to our senior staff at any time
Travel agent service
Ask us for anything related to your trip that our platform doesn't offer and we'll book it if we can
Travel inventory
Flights, hotels, trains, cars
Book from TravelPerk’s exclusive rates
Book your corporate negotiated rates
Rates negotiation service
Credit card
Direct debit
BACS and auto SEPA included
Flexible payment options
Deposit money in your TravelPerk account so travelers always have funds to hand
Google Calendar
Single sign-on (SSO)
Expenses API
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Frequently asked questions

Is the Free plan enough for my team?

Our travel inventory, 24/7 trip support, and unified spend tracking alone can be enough for some small teams. But for advanced reporting features and in-app travel policies, you’ll need our Premium plan. If you need more granular control of your spend through budgets or want to embed TravelPerk directly into your business workflows, then our Pro plan is for you.

Can I get multiple travel policies in the Free plan?

No. If you need to create travel policies to allow travelers to book for themselves within policy, then you will need to upgrade to our Premium plan. Should you need to configure complex, multi-departmental policies, or take advantage of our rates negotiation service, then Pro is the right choice.

Do you really have the world’s largest inventory?

Yes, and this is facilitated by our state of the art technology. We integrate with all major GDS networks as well as inventory across the internet. This means we have access to everything your travel agent has, plus Expedia,, Skyscanner, Airbnb and more. This inventory is fully integrated with our platform, allowing you to search, book, pay, invoice and report all in one place without ever being redirected.

Do Premium and Pro accounts get better inventory?

No. All accounts have the same access to the world’s best travel inventory. The difference between these accounts is the level of support and corporate travel management features, however the inventory is the same.

Can I just pay the extra fee to add Premium or Pro features to a specific trip?

No, you can’t pay an extra $15/£15/€15 to book Premium on demand, or $25/£25/€25 to book Pro. Your company will need to sign up for a Premium or Pro plan, and the monthly cost will be the total number of trips multiplied by the price per trip for that plan. This means that the business as a whole gets access to great features like policies and approvals, TravelCare risk management, and advanced reports.

How does my company pay?

With the Free plan, you pay with credit card or direct debit at the time of booking. Premium and Pro plans offer more flexible payment options, including bank and SEPA transfers, or our top-up payment method.

Can I book trips for someone else?

Yes! With everyone’s travel data saved in the system, TravelPerk makes it easy to book for others. Of course travelers can also book trips for themselves and easily make sure they stay within the company’s travel policy. Executive assistants, office managers and travel managers love us for that (and more).

Is this platform only for booking flights?

No. You can, in fact, book your entire trip with TravelPerk—hotels, apartments, trains, cars and even group bookings for team events! And, in addition to having access to thousands of inventory sources for hotels, we also allow bookings with Airbnb. Integrations with more alternative accommodation sources are on the way!

Can TravelPerk help us with group trip booking?

Absolutely! We can help you book a company end-of-year event in Madrid or a big trade show in London. The huge hassle of group booking will be handled for you end to end. Note that this support is only available as an add-on service only. You can read more about this service here.

What issues can Customer Care help me with?

In the Free plan, our travel assistants are extremely easy to reach via chat, email, and phone (unlike many travel agents or customer support for other booking platforms). The travel assistants can help you with cancellations, rescheduling, and other common issues. With our Premium plan, you get priority support from senior travel agents who can take care of special requests and group bookings in addition to customer care for your trip.

How does the expense reporting work?

You have all your invoices in one place and real time smart reports for all travel data. We integrate with Expensify so that every trip booked with TravelPerk is automatically added to your Expensify account. That means the finance department can see everything right away and you won’t need to chase invoices ever again.