What is a booking tool?

A booking tool is an online service or product that businesses and organizations use to arrange corporate travel. There are a range of tools on the market, each varying in terms of the features and pricing structures available. Finding a reliable and effective booking tool can help businesses and organizations to ensure their corporate travel is compliant.

Why do businesses need a booking tool?

The digital age is simplifying a range of common tasks to help save time and cut down on costs. The best booking tools empower businesses to apply this dynamic to corporate travel, reducing critical costs while also ensuring that business travelers are comfortable and safe.

By simplifying the process, booking tools can save a lot of time which can, in turn, boost productivity of key staff members.

What are the key advantages of a booking tool?

Booking tools bring a collection of key benefits to businesses and travelers alike. Here is a look at how a booking tool can benefit those groups.


  • Booking travel becomes easier and does not require a lot of training or frustrating red tape.
  • Booking travel that is compliant becomes much more convenient and simple.
  • It becomes simpler to identify the appropriate choices that are on offer, helping travelers to make the right choices.


  • Reporting and forecasting becomes easier, helping to assess the amount that is being invested into corporate travel.
  • It becomes easier to find lower fares for business travelers, helping to make cost control much simpler and far more effective.
  • Guaranteeing compliance becomes simpler, given that some tools help to assure the use of corporate travel policies.
  • The automation of basic reservation tasks helps travel managers to focus on achieving strategic objectives rather than focusing on manual tasks.
  • Relationships with preferred suppliers can be strengthened, given that booking tools make it easy to influence traveler choice.

What are the key disadvantages of a booking tool?

Every booking tool will differ so these disadvantages do not apply to all of them. Some poor options, though, will present the following risks:

  • Some booking tools may be difficult to set up and require specialized knowledge. This can be a drain on resources and a frustrating experience for the party responsible.
  • Some booking tools can have high implementation costs, immediately cannibalizing any costs that the tool might eventually reduce.
  • Some booking tools offer a generally poor experience which can frustrate travelers and lead to suboptimal results.
  • Some booking tools might not fit with the workflows or particular businesses, leading to disruption and confusion.

How do I choose the right booking tool?

Choosing the right booking tool will depend on a range of factors such as time, money, flexibility, and existing processes. Businesses and organisations will want to find a tool that ticks all of the right boxes, so it is important that a lot of time is invested into researching and selecting the most appropriate tool.

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