The 5 best sports travel companies

20 Sept 2023 · 8
Travel in the sports sector demands three key criteria. One, speed. Two, efficiency. Three, flexibility. Finding a travel agency that prioritizes all three can be a challenge, so we’ve narrowed it down for you, to the top five sports travel agencies in the US.
So, what makes sports travel so particular?
First off, it’s very varied. Whether a scout, game official, sports journalist, or team player, each individual has different requirements. Team travel can be a headache, with so many logistics to take into account. Institutions such as schools and universities rely on travel management services to book trips for students, coaches, team leaders, and other staff taking part in sporting events and competitions.
It’s not all fun and games though—many people traveling for sport are traveling for medical reasons, involving long journeys by train or plane. It’s important to look out for a travel agency that’s got all modes of transport covered, across all the areas you might be traveling to.
Many sports organizations also use travel management companies to empower their referees and support staff to book their own travel under the assigned policies and approval processes, providing autonomy and flexibility. The travel needs of the sports industry are vast, calling for travel agencies at the very top of their game.

What to look for when choosing a sports travel agency

As with any industry, the sports industry has specific travel needs. Corporate travel is all about efficiency, a top priority for sports organizations. Here are some features to look out for:
  • Large inventory: sports travelers are constantly traveling to new places, not just within the US but to Europe or even further afield. Having a wide range of options enables you to access the best rates on the market, regardless of where you’re headed.
  • Integrated travel policies: staying compliant is high on the priorities list, enabling businesses to estimate travel spend, determine future budgets, and plan safe and successful trips.
  • Fast customer support: corporate travel can be subject to factors out of your control, meaning that on-hand advice is essential.
  • : sports travel often involves people outside an organization, for example, referees.
  • Traveler tracker: visibility is important in the sports travel sector, as many organizations like to keep close tabs on traveling team members.
  • MICE & group bookings: teams might organize team-building events or get-togethers, meaning that team travel must be catered for with specialized services.
  • Flexibility: this is a must for sports travelers, as this industry is prone to last-minute changes due to factors like bad weather or injury.

The 5 best sports team travel companies

1. TravelPerk: your top all-rounder option

When it comes to meeting the needs of sports team travel, . Clients such as USA Rugby, Rugby Europe, and Norwich City Football Club, choose TravelPerk for its integrated booking tool that provides an innovative, end-to-end solution for modern corporate travel—enabling quick bookings and streamlined travel plans when it matters most.
Their vast inventory gives users access to negotiated rates for flights, but also ground transportation such as trains, car rental, and accommodation worldwide. Get the latest travel alerts and safety information, and enjoy the flexibility to cancel or change what you need to with TravelPerk’s extra FlexiPerk.
This flexible booking feature gives the necessary leeway to change plans and get 80% of the cost back for canceled trips, an occupational hazard of sports team travel.
TravelPerk’s team of travel experts is on-hand 24/7: the customer support team has a target response time of 15 seconds. Whether it’s watching a major sporting event like the US Open or the Rugby World Cup, or a week-long sports tour, TravelPerk’s group travel services are second to none. If you’re in Europe, TravelPerk’s stellar coverage of European trains means that sports teams can cover large distances without having to think twice.
One of the top travel options for sports professionals on the move, TravelPerk aims to eliminate the need for time-consuming logistics with its arsenal of helpful tools. The centralized invoicing feature means no more pesky reimbursements, while the integrated travel policy ensures 100% compliance with limits and booking boundaries.
Main offerings and features:
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2. CTM Travel: a vast range of specialized services

CTM Travel, a well-established travel agency with over 25 years of experience, has a specialist sports travel division called CTM Sport. They apply their wider corporate travel, group travel, and event management expertise to provide travel solutions to the sports industry. CTM offers various sports travel packages, with a range of specialized services including team equipment transportation, secure floor room allocation, private dining and personalized catering, and athlete concierge services.
CTM Climate+ provides carbon approval services, carbon reporting, and carbon offsetting, to help sports organizations consistently champion sustainability while traveling.
Despite their many advantages, CTM falls behind TravelPerk when it comes to their booking tool and more, with one unhappy : “they have caused more work and headache than there needs to be” while they have a “terrible booking tool,” adding to their .
TravelPerk, however, offers an easy-to-navigate, best-in-class mobile app, praised for its speed and intuitive features. TravelPerk also wins users over with its target 15-second response time and no-bots-allowed customer service policy.
Main offerings and features:
  • A central point of communication for all bookings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Expense management solutions
  • Full due diligence and local language support
  • Security, tracking and emergency planning
  • Team of sporting consultants on hand
  • On-side travel desk and logistic support
  • Venue sourcing
  • Event registration tool
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3. AllSports: affordable expertise in group and team travel

If you’re looking for a more economical, reliable option, AllSports is a top contender. As an IATA-appointed agency for over 30 years, they offer exclusive rates for air travel, in addition to discounted fares for ground transportation including vans, cars, shuttle buses, or even limousine services.
With over 5000 teams serviced, AllSports has significant expertise in the sports travel sector. They offer competitive sports travel packages, covering sports from golf and tennis to lacrosse and soccer.
Main offerings and features:
  • Partnerships with leading hotel chains
  • Access to top facilities and venues
  • Event management support
  • Competitive travel rates
  • Team-building activities and tourist attractions
  • Insurance support
  • Travel policy compliance expertise

4. Peak Sports Travel: an all-in-one platform

Peak Sports aims to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for every sports team’s travel needs, coming up with tailored travel experiences for all their customers. It’s a smaller-scale company with more competitive rates, for those seeking an economical option. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, they’re a good choice for sports teams needing to get from A to B.
If you’re traveling for an event, Peak Sports will set up an online event page for you, detailing any important information and enabling players/supporters to book travel arrangements directly on the team event page. Additionally, Peak Sports takes care of accommodation, transport, and activities for travel teams. Whether it’s a charter bus or a basic car rental you’re after, they’ll find the right option for you.
Main offerings and features:
  • Bucket list activities guide for longer trips
  • Expense management support
  • Partnerships with leading hotel chains
  • Discounted pay packages
  • Bespoke website design for event pages
  • End-to-end travel booking

5. Corporate Traveler: a reliable choice for frequent travelers

With over 20 years of experience, Corporate Traveler is well-established in the corporate travel industry. Their main offering is an all-in-one online booking platform, Melon, combined with extras such as sustainable travel programs and comprehensive travel policies. Their special features include real-time alerts, duty of care programs, and customer support to support traveling sports professionals.
While they are a popular choice for traveling teams, Corporate Traveler doesn’t quite match up to TravelPerk when it comes to factors such as 24/7 customer support, third-party integration options, and travel inventory size. In fact, saying: “this is a great way to waste time and money.”
Main offerings and features:
  • Expense reports to help analyze & streamline travel spend
  • Real-time safety updates
  • Duty of care with traveler tracker
  • Discounted airfares and exclusive vehicle rental rates
  • Negotiated travel rates on many itineraries
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As those in the sports industry well know, there’s no such thing as fashionably late. Forward planning is essential: place that responsibility in the hands of these travel experts and you can be guaranteed a smooth trip.
Sports team travel for healthcare professionals demands reliable partners who won’t cut corners. From VIP athlete services to post-match catering, it’s important to choose an agency that can work on your terms, providing exactly what you need to succeed.
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