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Top 7 incentive travel companies

help you reward hard work and motivate sales teams and other high-performing employees. However, the purpose, desired outcomes, and motivation for planning corporate incentive trips are entirely different from planning business travel.
A well-executed incentive trip sets the stage for increased productivity, loyalty, and employee engagement—and dedicated travel incentive companies can help you create the ultimate travel experiences that achieve these outcomes.
Whether you're looking for customized sales incentive programs, destination expertise, or comprehensive event management services, this guide will help you find the right partner to create memorable experiences for your top performers.

What is an incentive travel company?

An incentive travel company or incentive travel agency specializes in designing and managing tailored experiences for organizations. They create comprehensive and customized trip itineraries that align with your company’s goals and preferences—taking care of everything including travel, accommodation, and activity arrangements.
As well as managing trip logistics, incentive travel companies also negotiate contracts and deals, use their industry knowledge and connections to maximize the impact of incentive trips, and create unique, bespoke experiences that go beyond traditional vacations.

Benefits of using a travel incentive company

To create unforgettable and impactful trips that align with your organizational goals, travel incentive companies can add an extra special touch.

Utilizing established supplier networks

With their established partnerships and relationships with various suppliers, including hotels, resorts, transportation providers, restaurants, and tour and activity companies, incentive travel companies can access favorable rates, book exclusive experiences, and deal with contract negotiations on your behalf.

Expert destination knowledge

Feeling torn between choosing a weekend in New York or a week at a Spanish resort? Incentive travel companies are masters at selecting the right destinations, accommodation options, and activities according to your needs, budget, and trip objectives.

Managing on-site logistics

Handling on-site logistics is an important factor, and incentive travel companies have this covered. They coordinate everything from detailed itineraries, managing transportation, and overseeing suppliers, to providing on-site support and preparing contingency plans. They’ll even take care of the small details like event décor, gaining VIP access to desirable locations, and planning group activities and private events.

Cost optimization

Their established relationships and networks help them negotiate lower rates and, on some occasions complimentary upgrades. Better still, incentive travel companies can also suggest alternative dates and/or destinations that could help you save a significant amount of money while still providing a once in a lifetime experience that your employees deserve.

Risk management and mitigation

Incentive travel companies develop risk management strategies and contingency plans to account for  any unforeseen events, safety considerations, and logistical issues that may arise.

Measuring and evaluating the trip’s success

Incentive travel companies will help you evaluate the success and return on investment (ROI) of your trips and incentive programs. They provide tools and resources that measure results and attendee satisfaction against your trip objectives.

Top 7 incentive travel companies

1. TravelPerk

is a full-service travel management company with an all-in-one, cutting-edge digital platform for all your corporate travel needs. For travel managers in charge of managing employee incentive trips, TravelPerk’s platform enables you to handle and control all aspects of the trip in-house, saving you time and money.
Handling every detail of your trip planning from sourcing the perfect destinations to securing hotel and flight reservations, managing smooth check-ins, arranging reliable ground transportation, and even taking care of prepaid restaurant bookings, TravelPerk ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.
The company also offers access to the a huge travel and , as well as the most comprehensive range of corporate travel features in the industry.
Their dedicated for trips of 9 people or more removes the stress of juggling multiple travelers' arrangements by providing:
  • Over 25,000 negotiated rates on hotels when booking with TravelPerk
  • A concierge team to suggest once-in-a-lifetime activities and book pre-paid restaurants for your stay
  • Access to a 24-hour customer service line for all attendees, where a team of real people is on hand to answer any questions
  • can help you save up to 25% on incentive trip costs
  • Improved compliance with travel policies baked into the platform
  • The ability to pay, report, and invoice all company travel with just one account
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2. ITA Group

ITA Group is a global engagement agency that specializes in creating and managing impactful employee engagement and incentive travel programs. The company designs and executes personalized, authentic experiences that recognize and reward employees.
ITA Group’s services include:
  • Expertise in destination management
  • Immersive brand experiences
  • Concierge air travel
  • Risk management and traveler safety services
  • Pre- and post-analytics for insights into the trip’s success

3. Maritz Global Events

Maritz Global Events describes itself as an experience design company that creates travel incentive experiences and unforgettable experiences to motivate salespeople and top performers.
As well as delivering comprehensive incentive travel programs, the company is committed to waste reduction strategies, carbon footprint mitigation, and socially responsible practices.
Maritz Global Events’ incentive travel services include:
  • Travel program design and campaign communications
  • Sourcing and contracting hotels and venues
  • Simplified registration and ticketing
  • On-site support and coordination

4. Creative Group

Creative Group is a corporate meeting, incentive, and recognition company that offers end-to-end services, including program design, logistics management, and attendee engagement. The company’s focus is on creating immersive, customized, and memorable experiences that inspire and motivate attendees.
Creative Group offers the following benefits:
  • Customized group incentive travel programs tailored to a business’s specific goals, preferences, and budgets
  • Relationships with hotels, independent properties, destination management companies, airlines, and transportation companies
  • Mobile apps, interactive platforms, and digital tools provide attendees with real-time information, engagement opportunities, and personalized communication

5. BI Worldwide

BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement agency that designs and delivers solutions to engage employees. The company creates, manages, and measures exceptional group travel incentive programs from start to finish, and provides sales incentives and employee recognition solutions.
The company provides the following services:
  • An event management app that engages attendees before, during, and after trips
  • Destination selection and management
  • Planning unique excursions, team-building exercises, and exclusive events
  • On-site event management services
  • Data analytics and reporting tools to measure the performance and impact of group incentive travel programs

6. Cadence Travel

Cadence Travel is a travel management company that designs incentive travel trips for businesses. The company can provide support to internal teams in charge of travel management or an outsourced, turnkey incentive management program for your business.
As part of their offering, Caden Travel provides the following services:
  • Customized incentive travel programs according to requirements and preferences
  • A dedicated trip planner that acts as a single point of contact for all trip-related operations
  • Hotel sourcing, negotiating, and contracting specialists
  • On-site staffing for logistical support
  • Attendee travel monitoring to ensure duty of care

7. Brightspot

Brightspot is an incentive travel company that specializes in designing and managing incentive programs and trips. Their experts are CMPs (Certified Meeting Professionals) that have deep knowledge of the travel industry and extensive experience in designing corporate events and meetings.
As an incentives and events agency, Brightspot offers the following services:
  • Customized sales incentive programs to help drive performance improvement and sales engagement
  • Incentive trip planning
  • Integrated engagement campaigns
  • Incentive software platform to help companies manage their incentive travel programs

Wrapping up

No matter what type of incentive trip you’re planning, the ultimate goal is to provide employees with a rewarding experience.
Even if you’re well-versed in booking business travel arrangements, getting all of the nitty-gritty details right for an incentive trip can be overwhelming. After all, attendees are expecting memorable experiences, not a corporate business trip.
When you partner with TravelPerk, you can rely on our teams to craft personalized, impactful, and unforgettable incentive travel trips that leave a lasting impression and drive the desired goals for your organization. Our dedication to excellence and intuitive digital platform ensure that your incentive trips are managed seamlessly from start to finish.
To discover how your incentive travel program can benefit from TravelPerk’s comprehensive and innovative travel management platform, .
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