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Quantity Liquid for Air Travel

What liquid restrictions apply to hand luggage?

Permitted items are liquids such as water, shampoo, toothpaste in a container of 100ml or less. Each passenger must be able to fit all of their containers of 100ml or less into one clear, resealable plastic bag of 20cm X 20cm or less.

Passengers can also board flights with liquids bought after security. These liquids can exceed 100ml but an airline’s baggage allowance may prohibit them in any case.

Non-permitted items are liquids in containers larger than 100ml. Although you cannot take these in hand luggage, you can take them in your checked baggage.

What kinds of liquid can I take?

The following liquids are permitted as hand luggage if they follow the aforementioned restrictions:

  • All consumable liquids e.g. water and soup, but also jam and honey
  • Pastes such as toothpaste
  • Cosmetics such as creams, lip gloss, lotion and perfumes
  • Sprays such as deodorants, hairspray, and other aerosols
  • Gels such as shower gel and hair gel
  • Contact lens solution, even when in small quantities

Related Questions

Why is there a limit on liquid quantities for air travel?

Airports began putting a limit on liquids in hand luggage in response to the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot. Nowadays almost every airport in the world follows the same regulations as passengers go through security.

What happens if I exceed my liquid allowance?

Exceeding liquid quantities in airports will result in the excess liquid being confiscated. Unless the liquid is illegal, there will be no further action.

Always make sure you organize and separate your liquids before the security check to avoid delays.

Can I take another passenger’s liquids if they don’t have space?

Each passenger can take only one 20cm X 20cm plastic bag with containers under 100ml through security. However, you can put excess liquid in your checked baggage to avoid confiscation.