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What is leisure travel?

Leisure travel refers to travel that is undertaken by an individual on their own personal time for enjoyment and relaxation. Of course, employees have to be granted a certain quantity of holidays throughout the year and many use this time to travel.

Now that business travel is becoming more common, many business travelers are taking the opportunity to blend leisure travel with corporate travel. This is often referred to as bleisure travel.

How is leisure travel and corporate travel linked?

The rise of bleisure travel means that the boundaries between leisure and corporate travel are blurring. In fact, many employees who travel frequently see bleisure travel opportunities as an attractive part of their job.

Many businesses and organizations are happy to accommodate for this, but have to be careful to set out some distinct rules. These rules protect both the employer and the employee, establishing what is and isn’t acceptable.

These guidelines are often outlined in a corporate travel policy. They will cover areas like:

  • How long an employee can extend a trip for
  • The way return flights are approached
  • How holidays are used for bleisure travel
  • The way free time is treated on a business trip
  • Which expenses are covered

Of course, all of these areas are very important. It can get complicated but a set of rigorous guidelines establish expectations and give employees an exciting opportunity to travel.

Can business travelers have leisure time on a business trip?

Even while employees are on a corporate trip, workplace laws dictate that they must of course be given appropriate breaks and down time. The specifics will vary from one location to the next, and companies should take the time to outline the rules in their corporate travel policy.

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What is bleisure travel?

Bleisure Travel is the combination of “business” and “leisure”. It is enjoyed while a person is on a corporate trip. As the volume of corporate travel continues to increase, so does the number of people looking to capitalize on the opportunity of being abroad to enjoy a vacation before or after their work takes place.