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What is a global travel agency?

A global travel agency is a provider of travel management services on a global scale. These agencies differ in terms of their size and scale, as well as the services that are on offer. These agencies are used by companies and organizations that engage in international travel and need professional help.

What does a global travel agency do?

Global travel agencies help businesses and individuals to coordinate their travel activities. Some core services offered by a global travel agency might include:

  • Full-service global travel arrangements
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Additional travel services
  • Car hire

What is the difference between a global travel agency and a corporate travel agent?

A global travel agency is typically composed of a large team of corporate travel agents. These agents work together toward a common goal and as part of the same enterprise. Some corporate travel agents, however, might work on an individual basis as consultants or with their own businesses.

Why do companies outsource corporate travel management?

Booking travel can be a difficult task, particularly for large companies. This is why in the past so many of those companies decided to enlist the services of a travel agent. Improvements to technology do mean, however, that it is now easier than ever for travel to be organized internally.

Is it expensive to work with a global travel agency?

Businesses and organizations may find that it is expensive to work with a global travel agent, given that a lot of the work is performed manually. This means that overheads are high and that this is reflected in the final cost of the services that are rendered.

Improvements to technology mean that the use of booking tools has increased greatly. These tools make it simple and cheaper to book travel. Many companies and travel managers are turning to these tools rather than travel agencies to fulfil their travel needs.