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What is an airline policy?

An airline policy is a series of terms and conditions created by an airline. These policies outline an airline’s approach to key concepts like baggage, flight changes, seating, and more. Aviation authorities do not govern these policies, so this means they vary according to the needs and preferences of each airline.

What are the most important parts of an airline policy?

An airline’s travel policy covers a wide range of areas. This is why it’s important to understand them before booking. Here’s a look at the most important parts of an airline policy.


The airline policy includes important baggage information. This part of the policy explains, for example, the size and number of carry-on items, how to check and claim baggage, and how to travel with special items.


Airlines vary in terms of their approach to cancellations. This part of the policy explains deadlines and processes, as well as how travelers should communicate a cancellation.


Airlines want to create a comfortable and safe traveling experience for all. Travel policies outline a code of conduct that passengers should follow. The policy also outlines which responsibilities passengers have when flying.

Where to find an airline’s policy

Location policies are often hosted on the website of the airline. Failing that, a copy of the policy can be requested before booking.

How to read an airline policy

It is important that before agreeing to a policy, the reader understands the key points. In the world of business travel, it is also important that the travel manager clearly communicates key points of the travel policy to business travelers.

Related Questions

Do airline policies differ much?

Airline policies can vary a lot because they are not governed by a central aviation authority. This is why it is important to read them carefully.

Do airline policies differ for corporate travel?

Airline policies must be adhered to by all passengers, and there may be specific rules for business travelers depending on the airline.