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Frequent Flyer Number

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What is a frequent-flyer number?

Frequent-flyer programs, or FFPs, are loyalty schemes run by airlines or airline alliances. Every time customers fly, they accumulate points to be used on future travel as well as other benefits.  

The frequent-flyer number (FFN) is simply the number that is used to monitor travelers and the number of points that they have accumulated over time. Travelers can then use that number to use their points when booking flights.

How does a traveler get a frequent flyer number?

Travelers can get their FFN by signing up with the airline, and the process differs from one airline to the next. The process is often straightforward, and airlines will have different number formats too.

How does a traveler accumulate frequent flyer miles?

By booking flights and referencing the FFN, travelers can begin to accumulate frequent flyer miles. The more frequently the traveler flies, the quicker they will accumulate points which can be exchanged for upgrades and bonuses.

If the airline is part of an alliance, they will be able to collect points on those flights booked with other alliance members. It is important to understand the terms and conditions and how flights can be booked to maximize the points that are generated.

Do travelers get to keep frequent-flyer miles?

There is no particular global standard in place. This is defined, rather, by the corporate travel policy that is unique to each company. Some companies will ask travelers that frequent-flyer miles are used to contribute toward flights, while other companies will allow travelers to keep the points for themselves and reap the benefits.