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Onsite Travel Directors

What are onsite travel directors?

Onsite travel directors are specially trained agents who take care of travel logistics for companies. They combine their own expertise with the company’s corporate travel policy to plan trips that are both convenient and cost-effective.

Travel directors not only handle international and domestic travel but also trips within the same city. Furthermore, as specialists in logistics, their role is often combined with that of an onsite event manager.

What are the advantages of onsite travel directors?

Travel expertise

With solid experience in the travel industry, an onsite travel director can plan trips strategically. This makes corporate travel as convenient as possible for the company as well as the individual. They also bring financial benefits. As part of a larger travel agency, they can obtain unique discounts to save money.

More time and flexibility

Instead of spending time and resources on working out the logistics of travel, companies can focus on preparing the content of their meetings. As organizing corporate travel can take a lot of time, especially for those without an in-depth knowledge of the industry, most companies opt to keep their employees on task and outsource travel arrangements.

Close contact

Corporate travel agencies are very useful in that you have one point of contact for all aspects of a trip. However, onsite travel directors take it one step further, providing face-to-face conversations with employees. This not only gives employees the travel experience they want but helps them better understand more efficient options or possible restrictions. Furthermore, onsite directors can communicate any trip changes directly to the employee concerned.

Related Questions

How are onsite travel directors different from travel agents?

The main difference is the location. Onsite travel directors work from your company premises so you get a more dedicated service and communication flows better.

What kind of company hires onsite travel directors

Many small to medium-sized enterprises do not have enough business travel to warrant a full-time onsite travel director. In these cases, an external corporate travel management company or tool would probably be a better option. However, SMEs may require a part-time onsite travel director for especially busy periods, such as large conferences.

Bigger companies that experience constant business travel can benefit hugely from onsite travel directors. Not only does the company gain more streamlined corporate travel, but the director can even pay for themselves with discounts and smart travel decisions.