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National Business Traveler Day

What is National Business Traveler Day?

National Business Traveler Day (NBTD) is a day of recognition and appreciation for business travelers across the United States. The inaugural day took place on April 24, 2018 and twenty-four large companies participated to pay homage to the travelers in the US who make 514 million domestic business trips each year, generating around 3 percent of US GDP.

Who participates in National Business Traveler Day?

Twenty-four large travel businesses participate in the day, including Mastercard, United, Uber, JetBlue, Hertz, the GBTA, and many more. Together, these companies and organizations find unique ways to celebrate, recognize, and appreciate the role of business travelers.

What Happens on National Business Traveler Day?

The day is an opportunity for the industry to increase awareness of the work performed by domestic travelers among policy-makers, consumers, and everyone involved in the business travel industry.

By underscoring the role of corporate travelers and the challenges they face, the day is an opportunity to improve conditions and facilitate further economic activity.

There are also a range of competitions and sweepstakes that take place in the run-up to the day, helping business travelers to win prizes that can make their business trips a lot more comfortable.

Where Can I Find Updates About National Business Traveler Day?

Posts related to NBTD use the hashtag #NGTDay, and the same name is used for the associated social media accounts. These channels keep people updated on the activities of participants partners and the latest news and announcements.