What is healthcare?

In the world of corporate travel, healthcare is a complex issue. As well as immediate environmental and health risks created by travel, there are also a range of lifestyle factors that can threaten the health of travelers. Ensuring appropriate healthcare for travelers requires a blend of effort and attention from both travelers and businesses.

How does business travel affect health?

Business Travel and Behavioral and Mental Health is an important piece of research which found that higher levels of business travel are associated with risks to behavioral and mental health. Many frequent travelers (defined as those two travel 21+ nights each month) were found to exhibit troubles sleeping, be sedentary, suffer from anxiety, and more symptoms.

The research recommends that employers provide appropriate programs to help frequent travelers manage stress and maintain health while traveling for work. These risks posed by traveling can be mitigated with the appropriate techniques.

Of course, by traveling an individual’s exposure to risks associated with modes of transport are increased. Travelers may also find that depending on where they travel to, they endure an increased risk to certain diseases and environmental hazards.

Who is responsible for traveler healthcare?

Businesses should be sure to provide assistance to travelers through the form of education, resources, and support. Supporting employees keeps them healthy, productive, and happy with their traveling arrangements.

Travelers themselves should also be empowered to protect their own wellbeing. This means that companies should give travelers the flexibility to enjoy a range of healthy food options and exercise opportunities on the road.

What are the legal requirements for traveler healthcare?

Labor laws vary from one territory to the next, and guide the way that employees must be treated. This includes adequate rest and recuperation time as well as safeguards to protect mental health.

When it comes to business travel, the lines are blurred and there are generally no specific rules when it comes to the obligations that companies bear toward their employees.

Where does a company outline its approach to traveler healthcare?

Many businesses work to protect employees by using a corporate travel policy that establishes strict ground rules. This might include rules about how frequently employees can travel, and the amount of time that must be left between trips.

HR departments also provide assistance and guidance to employees, suggesting methods for remaining healthy and active while traveling.