The benefits of business travel concierge services

30 Apr 2021 · 5
Travel concierges are often associated with a hotel's front desk. However, using a personal concierge to assist with travel planning can save time and provide peace of mind to stressed-out travel managers. Much like a personal assistant, travel concierge services are on hand to ensure your business trip runs smoothly and assist with any requests. Whether you are considering an independent travel assistant or a concierge company, it helps to be clear on what the benefits will be before taking anyone on board.

Why should you use a corporate travel concierge to assist with business travel arrangements?

1. Access to negotiated rates and perks

Similar to travel agents, one massive benefit of a concierge service is that they can obtain better rates with hotels and airlines. Rather than scouring the internet trying to find the optimal deal, travel managers can make one call—safe in the knowledge they are finding great value thanks to the contracts concierges secure.
A concierge with great contacts might be able to negotiate upgrades in hotels, acquire the best restaurant reservations, or rent meeting rooms at short notice. The perks they can book for your team can be fantastic, but you will need a concierge with real clout if you require global travel.
At TravelPerk, we have a massive inventory of travel services in the industry. We have negotiated competitive rates with the leading providers, including hotels, flights, and ground transportation. Plus, our Premium and Pro users can book Airbnb rentals through our concierge team.

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2. Save time on travel planning

Everyone loves to plan their own getaways, but corporate travel, by contrast, is often considered a headache. Trying to remain while keeping business travelers content can be tricky, especially when you factor in global travel. If you are responsible for the corporate travel of an entire organization, trying to pin down the best options can be highly time-consuming.
With a million different choices in a city like , a travel concierge service can assist in making recommendations in line with your travel budget and needs.

3. Reduce stress for business travelers

We all know the drill. We set off on our business trip, itinerary in hand with the best of intentions, and then life throws us a curveball. The big client we have been trying to bring on board wants to meet for dinner, but we have no idea what will impress. With a packed schedule, we don't have time to research great dining experiences nearby.
Being able to make changes from the road is crucial to business travelers, as is some insider knowledge in a new town. A luxury concierge service often has experience working with high net worth clients and securing restaurant reservations at the last minute. Hiring a concierge service allows your team to focus on their work while your travel assistant handles any unexpected requirements.

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4. Highlight safety concerns

An essential part of any travel manager's role is the towards employees' safety. Ensuring that you are up to date with the latest security developments has become even more complicated in the age of COVID-19. A travel concierge service should assist you with highlighting any potential safety issues and alerting you to any changes in government travel advice.
With TravelPerk's , you and your corporate travelers can keep abreast of the latest safety briefings throughout the booking process and the trip's duration. Plus, in situations where you need personal assistance for extra peace of mind, our team of human support agents is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

5. Benefit from bespoke corporate travel

A good business travel concierge will pride themselves on going the extra mile for your organization. Over time, they get to know travel managers and their teams to cater to a business's specific needs. But this doesn't need to be all private jets and VIP events.
Remembering the little details—like your CEO's seat preference for their flight—means they provide a bespoke travel experience for your employees. Knowing a concierge will take care of the details frees up travel managers and sets corporate travelers up for an excellent business trip.

TravelPerk’s technology can deliver the travel concierge experience.

The idea of a concierge often conjures an image of luxury and exclusivity. A personal concierge should make their clients feel like they are getting a first-class experience. But hiring a corporate concierge service can be an expensive addition to your business travel budget.
With TravelPerk, our clients automatically benefit from our and our extensive corporate travel inventory. Plus, our Premium and Pro users can also avail themselves of our concierge services. Anything you need for your upcoming business travel, our team is happy to help.
From booking meeting rooms or airport transfers to more unique experiences, fill out our quick inquiry form, and our team will be in touch with a range of options! Please watch for more details on how we can deliver a level of personal service for your team.
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