Why choose TravelPerk over Navan (formerly TripActions)? Supporting image for section

Why choose TravelPerk over Navan (formerly TripActions)?

Looking for a new corporate travel management solution to meet your business needs? You’re in the right place, with the right people. 

Here we’ll compare TravelPerk with Navan, to show you exactly how and where TravelPerk takes the win for best travel management solution. Buckle up.


TravelPerk is the top-rated, all-in-one travel solution for businesses. The travel management company provides business travelers with access to the world’s largest corporate travel inventory—with 24/7 support and comprehensive risk management for any unexpected turbulence along the way. 

Main highlighted features

  • Largest global inventory
  • Corporate rates and partnerships
  • Easy to use platform and mobile app
  • 24/7 customer support in 15 seconds


Navan is a business travel management tool used by corporates to find competitive rates, ensure travel policy adherence, and control company spending with automated reconciliation solutions. It’s a US-based organization that provides travel solutions to enterprise companies.

Main highlighted features

  • Large corporate travel inventory
  • Easy to use interface
  • AI-powered software
  • Comprehensive mobile app

Main reasons why customers from Navan have switched to TravelPerk in the last year:

No hidden fees

No hidden fees

With TravelPerk you’ll be crystal clear on what you’re paying for and when you’re paying for it. No hidden costs, ever.

Several major expense integrations

Several major expense integrations

TravelPerk integrates with the top expense management solutions, whereas Navan only offers limited choice with a single built-in solution.

TravelPerk’s huge travel inventory

TravelPerk’s huge travel inventory

TravelPerk’s industry-leading inventory finds you the best deals on the market—from low-cost carriers to Airbnbs. Navan can’t offer the same deals.

TravelPerk vs. Navan

TravelPerk Navan
Pricing / costs
Only pay when you travel Yes No
Refund in case of canceled trip Yes No
No binding contracts Yes No
VAT recovery functionality Yes Yes
Free account management Yes No
No extra fees for additional requests Yes No
Free implementation Yes No
Add-ons / features
Integration with travel program policy Yes Yes
Integrations with major 3rd party suppliers Yes LIMITED
Integrated expense management solution No Yes
User-friendly platform Yes Yes
Carbon offsetting Yes Yes
Duty of care Yes Yes
Rail available Yes LIMITED
Airbnb available Yes No
Customer service
In-house customer support Yes PARTIALLY
Concierge service Yes No
Manual bookings via customer support Yes No
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TravelPerk’s got the largest corporate travel inventory

TravelPerk’s inventory is unmatched—you’ve got access to the most transport and accommodation options anywhere on the web. Inventory coverage includes Airbnb, Expedia, Trainline, and more enable simple and secure booking. TravelPerk can also store your data preferences and loyalty points to be used whenever you need them.

Navan doesn’t quite match up. Despite a large inventory, some customers “​​often find better rates and more options for flights and hotels through Google.” This is due to fewer low-cost carrier options on the platform—”Navan can be $100 more than what’s on Google Flights.” Plus, Navan rail travel options are very limited—you can only book through Eurostar.

A bigger inventory means more options and the best rates on the market.

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TravelPerk’s 24/7 support is the top-rated in the industry

TravelPerk’s real-time customer support team operates at a 15-second response time or less—meaning you’re only ever a couple of clicks away from a solid knowledge base in times of crisis. Described as “straight A” by its users, the TravelPerk support team goes above and beyond to ensure your employees are safe and up-to-date with notifications when traveling away on business trips.

Navan’ support service doesn’t receive the same stellar reviews—with users reporting that “support is subpar” and “lackluster at best”. 24/7 travel support isn’t much good if you don’t end up with your problem solved.

Navan are a US-based company with US-based customer support—“they’re not very knowledgeable of the European market.” Not ideal for global businesses looking for a global corporate travel management solution.

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TravelPerk gets you the best deals on all your travel plans

TravelPerk has the largest worldwide inventory across flights, accommodation, car rentals, and rail fares—and that includes low-cost carriers so you can be sure you’re always getting the best deal. You can even book Airbnbs through TravelPerk’s online booking tool.

Plus, TravelPerk’s premium users can benefit from a wide variety of negotiated corporate rates. Users love the “huge, off-the-charts inventory” and “much better rates” they find on TravelPerk—can you blame them?

Navan—whilst offering a large inventory—just doesn’t stack up when it comes to the flights, accommodations, and other fares needed for successful business travel. User reviews even report that “sometimes rates are higher than booking directly”, with some options not appearing altogether.

Why users love TravelPerk

Here’s why thousands of companies have chosen TravelPerk to manage their business travel!

  • Instant platform setup
  • $0 setup fee & no hidden costs
  • 15s response time for customer support
  • 80% of the cost back 
for canceled trips
  • Claim 20% of your travel VAT
  • Free trial on any
 pricing plan
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TravelPerk offers total transparency with fees

TravelPerk uses a flat fee for every flight you book—no hidden fees at any point. That means you can be absolutely sure of what you’re paying with TravelPerk—the best rates with a low, fixed fee. You only pay when you travel—no surprises.

The same cannot be said for Navan—whose fees can end up being “up to 20% of the flight cost.” Navan charges a monthly fee per user regardless of if that user travels—you’re paying no matter what. 

Some customers are also unhappy with how “Navan‘ fees show up as separate charges on credit card statements,” making business travel accounting and expense reports a nightmare.

Hidden fees and hassle” are not what you want from your travel management software’s pricing plan—at TravelPerk we know this.

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TravelPerk doesn’t charge you for changes

TravelPerk knows that things don’t always go to plan—and we don’t charge you for it. There are no fees for amending a travel booking regardless of your plan, and adding FlexiPerk adds an extra layer of flexibility.

FlexiPerk allows business travelers to cancel a booking up to 2 hours before the trip and receive at least 80% of the total fare back. No hassle or hidden fees, just your money back—there really is “nothing to complain about” when it comes to TravelPerk’s fee-free flexibility.

Navan fall behind when it comes to making changes, with some users reporting they’ve had “issues changing flights” which consistently end in the TA support team telling them to “contact the airline”. Another customer even reports preferring to “book directly just for ease when cancellations and changes are needed”.

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Try business travel with TravelPerk

From an industry-leading travel inventory to five-star customer support—TravelPerk is a comprehensive and trustworthy travel management platform for businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you’re booking a round trip from London to New York or a 3-night stay in Barcelona—TravelPerk consistently outperforms Navan in every area.

Looking for more features?

Travel & expense reports

Travel & expense reports

Dive into the data and constantly optimize your travel spend with TravelPerk’s built-in customizable expense reports.

Integrate with expense management tools

Integrate with expense management tools

Already using an expense management tool? TravelPerk integrates with many popular tools like Divvy, Expensify, Payhawk, Yokoy, and more.

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting

Offset your business carbon travel emissions with GreenPerk. This TravelPerk solution adds an average 0.9% extra to any trip booked and contributes the donation to a carbon offset project on your business’s behalf.

VIP Experience

VIP Experience

Give your business travelers the executive experience they deserve with a curated collection of hotels, complimentary wellness treats, free upgrades, and more.

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