The complete guide to planning a company offsite


14 Great company offsite ideas and activities

So you’ve been asked to plan a company offsite. You’ve already thought about your goals, budget, and invites list. There’s only one question left: What are you actually going to do during the event?
It can be challenging coming up with great ideas for an offsite. While there are tons of possibilities out there, not all of them will match your capabilities and budget.
Most , , and will be familiar with the difficulties of planning such a large-scale company event. You want to be sure to choose a great concept so that everyone has a good time and you meet your goals while encouraging teamwork and building company culture.
To make your task easier, we’ve put together this list of great company offsite ideas to choose from, with fun activities to fit any business—from smaller teams to large corporations. But first, let’s start with some general tips to keep in mind when brainstorming for a company offsite:

Planning an inclusive company offsite

Most companies are made up of diverse groups of people, and everyone will have their own opinions and preferences. So how do you make sure your event can boost morale and employee engagement?
For the greatest chance of success, avoid taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach and make the planning process inclusive. Be sure to consult team members on what they’d like to do. You can do this during a meeting, or by sending out an employee survey.
You can also consider offering a selection of different activities. For example, you could plan a series of optional workshops or for attendees to choose from. This has the added bonus of making it easier for participants to form relationships and meet new team members since they’ll be broken up into small groups.
In addition, don’t forget to schedule in a sufficient amount of downtime. Free periods will offer a crucial moment for attendees to recharge, relax, and reflect on the activities.
And now, on to the offsite ideas. Since your event will probably look different depending on your budget and number of attendees, we’ve split the list of event ideas into two distinct categories, for small/medium businesses and large businesses:

7 company offsite ideas for small & medium-sized businesses

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are a fun type of interactive game. Participants will head to a dedicated facility, where they’ll meet their “game master” and begin the activity. They’ll be assigned a mission to complete—typically, this involves escaping the room within a certain time limit, but it may also mean solving another type of puzzle.
Average cost per person: $25-$40

Cooking class

For an enjoyable activity that’s easy to set up, why not organize a cooking class? Make arrangements with an instructor and venue, and you’re off. Participants will get to enjoy a tasty meal, and they’ll take home a useful new skill they can apply in their daily lives. One important note: Be sure to collect information on allergies, food sensitivities, and dietary restrictions beforehand.
Average cost per person: $50-$100

Arts and crafts

If people like the idea of a class, you could try an arts and crafts workshop. Drawing, painting, tie-dye, or card-making are all great options. No need to be an expert artist—the idea is to have fun, and this could also be an opportunity to have employees invite their families if the event is held on an evening or weekend.
Average cost per person: $50-$100

Games night

Another budget-friendly idea is to organize a games night. Activities could include board games, trivia, scavenger hunts, and more. Since employees will have to work together during the games, they’ll build their teamwork and strategic skills while getting to know their colleagues.
Average cost per person: $0-$50


If you’re planning to hold a dinner and drinks event, spice it up by adding in some karaoke. Some bars offer private karaoke rooms for rent, or you could book an event space or conference room and get a karaoke machine.
Average cost per person: $15-$200

Improv show

Another unique idea is to host an improv show. Some attendees can volunteer beforehand to be on stage, while the rest participate as part of the audience. Alternatively, have a facilitator join you for an improv workshop, so everyone can learn the ropes together.
Average cost per person: $0-$50

Outdoor adventure

Get some fresh air as you and your teams enjoy some healthy exercise outdoors. Go for a hike, train for a marathon, plan a bike ride, or opt for a ski trip—the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to ask about any health issues or mobility requirements first.
Average cost per person: $0-$300
Looking for even more resources for event planning? Check out our , which will help you plan your offsite step-by-step.

7 company offsite ideas for large businesses


Camping is an amazing way to experience the great outdoors, but not everyone knows how to pitch a tent or keep safe in the wilderness. For a fresh-air experience that’s both accessible and fun, why not try “glamping”? Glamping is similar to camping, but involves staying in a yurt, cabin, or other semi-permanent structure. These structures typically come with running water and electricity, and some glamping sites even offer an on-site kitchen or restaurant.
Budget Estimate: $$

Team-building event

Bring in a facilitator for a day of team-building games. Your teams will develop their problem-solving and communication skills, build trust and camaraderie, and get out of their comfort zone in a fun way, as they participate in and enjoy some team bonding.
Budget Estimate: $

Field day

Participants can play sports and games, win prizes, and indulge in some friendly competition at a company field day (sports day). Your agenda could include relay races, tug-of-war, egg-and-spoon races, skipping, or hula hoop competitions. Remember to take the weather into account, so you don’t get rained on!
Budget Estimate: $

Film a video

For an unusual offsite idea, why not film a “flash mob” (large public performance/gathering) or similar video with your entire team? This is an interesting way to put together a unique experience for a large group of people, while also providing a great marketing and employer branding opportunity for your organization.
Budget: $$-$$$

Destination retreat

If budget is less of an obstacle, put together a multi-day company retreat. Participants will feel extra appreciated as they enjoy a change of scenery, and spend time with their colleagues in an interesting destination. You can incorporate any type of activities you want into the retreat—gear it towards learning and work-related professional development, or focus on relaxation for a reward after a tough quarter.
Budget: $$$

Charity fundraiser

Meet your corporate social responsibility goals by raising money for charity. There are many ways to approach charity fundraising: plan a gala, hold a raffle, organize a long-distance run or walk, or host a concert. The choice is yours.
Budget: $-$$$

Community service project

Another great way to help others during your team offsite is by planning a community service project. You can incorporate sustainability into any type of event you plan (for example, by choosing reusable cups and plates), but why not go the extra mile towards meeting your sustainability goals by planning a beach cleanup or tree-planting day? Other options include volunteering at an animal shelter or a humanitarian charity.
Budget: $

What if participants need to travel to the event?

A fun team offsite event can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. If you’re planning a longer offsite, or if attendees are coming in from different locations, this may involve some travel.
for a corporate event or offsite meeting can get complicated pretty quickly. You may need to find affordable transport and accommodation options for multiple people, and coordinate everyone’s arrival so that nothing falls through the cracks.
can help**.** Using our travel booking and event management software platform, you can share vital information, instantly communicate updates, and find to make your event a success.
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