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Who is Landing Jobs?

Landing.Jobs is a candidate-driven recruiting platform that provides the best match for technology professionals and companies. As a career marketplace that uses a more progressive approach to guide job seekers through their career path and give them a better experience, Landing.Jobs is quickly becoming a leader in its niche.

"It’s difficult for me to choose one favourite thing about TravelPerk: Having everything in one platform, great usability, easiness to manage travel in one single place are all great - I love them all."

Rhaica Silva, HR Manager at Landing.Jobs

Before TravelPerk: a hard time managing travel for external event speakers

Each year the company organizes, one of Europe’s fastest-growing festivals which, in addition to workshops, networking and parties, features 30 international keynote speakers. Organizing travel arrangements for these busy industry leaders scattered all over the world is a huge challenge that typically takes an entire month to complete.

Rhaica Silva is the HR manager a A big part of her role includes managing business travel and being the contact person for any travel emergencies.

In the past, they would book travel on multiple consumer websites and then try to keep track of every booking manually through emails and Excel spreadsheets, but the process became too complex.

Managing travel for the job festival was particularly hard, as she had to find suitable dates and book flights and hotels for all 30 speakers at the same time. Endless trip changes, travel preferences, communication issues, and last-minute requests from the speakers added further complexity when booking flights and hotel accommodations. Additionally, once the event was over, she had to chase down each speaker to get hold of their invoices and expense reports.

"It was a complicated process that took up way too much time. We knew there was a better way."

Rhaica Silva, HR Manager at Landing.Jobs

Enter TravelPerk

At the start of they year, Rhaica started to use TravelPerk on a trial basis for the event to fly in speakers and book their accommodation. How did it go? As her colleague Andreia dos Reis, Marketing Manager, highlights: “During the festival, TravelPerk was our savior”.

On the heels of the event’s success, it was an easy decision for Rhaica to expanded the usage of TravelPerk to the entire company. Now everyone at the company is able to select their preferred flight option themselves and she just needs to approve the trip within the TravelPerk app. Moreover, invoicing also became much easier as expense reports are stored on the same platform.

Of course, Rhaica loves the new process as it takes a ton of work off her plate and allows her to be more of a “travel overseer” by managing the policies, not the actual bookings.

However, what she particularly likes is that she can now rely on TravelPerk’s outstanding customer support to take care of any travel-related emergencies.

True story: when a speaker backs out at the last minute

One sweltering hot day in Lisbon, Rhaica was silently celebrating after finally confirming the travel arrangements of all 30 keynote speakers for the third annual Festival. She was looking forward to enjoying the event and then taking a well-deserved vacation. Suddenly, one featured keynote speaker from Brazil contacted her 2-days before the event and backed out!

Now Rhaica was left with an expensive intercontinental flight ticket that she couldn’t use. She knew it was going to be a painful process, but she had to try asking the airline for a refund or a credit for a future flight. After wasting four hours on hold and being passed around from one unhelpful customer service rep to another, they eventually told her the cost would be forfeited.

"No one enjoys calling airline customer support. I’m convinced they make it as painful as possible just to discourage people from ever calling them. Thankfully, now I can count on TravelPerk’s remarkable team to fix any flight issues, be it cancelations, upgrades or last-minute bookings."

Results: cutting the process to book & fly in speakers from 1 month to 1 week

In summary, Rhaica was able to reduce the time required to book travel arrangements for 30 international speakers from over a month to just one week. Hundreds of emails have been spared as travelers select their preferred options themselves.

Additionally, there’s no need to collect invoices since they are automatically stored on the TravelPerk platform.

Above all, Rhaica can now relax as she is no longer the only contact person for 30 internationally renowned keynote speakers. With TravelPerk, she now has a powerful support team backing her in case of any emergencies and someone to make those dreadful calls to the airline’s customer support.