The 8 essentials of a great corporate hotel

28 Jun 2023 · 6
When it comes to planning a business trip, you’ll likely be focused on the trip’s itinerary: conferences, board meetings, or team building activities. With all this going on, what’s often overlooked is choosing the right hotel to stay in.
Your hotel will act as a base during your trip, and the right choice can contribute to a productive, comfortable and convenient stay for corporate travelers. The wrong choice can result in a business trip to remember, for all the wrong reasons.
In this article, we’re going to share our top tips for selecting the perfect corporate hotel—equipping you with the knowledge to make the right decisions. From how to secure special rates to joining hotel loyalty programs, we’ve got you covered.

What is a corporate hotel?

A corporate hotel is accommodation specially designed for company stays, catering to specific business needs with facilities such as convention centers, event catering services, and meeting rooms.
Corporate hotels are usually located near the business district of a city, served by great transport links, allowing business travelers to focus on their work while enjoying comfortable and convenient accommodation.
As well as these business-oriented amenities, corporate hotels often boast features such as ergonomic workstations, executive lounges, fitness centers, and dining options that cater to different time constraints. From easy car rentals to speedy check-ins, they’re designed to minimize ‘faff’ time and ensure that business travelers don’t miss a minute on minor details.
There are multiple hotel chains around the world specifically catering to corporate guests. Names such as Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental and Crowne Plaza might ring a bell?
One of the perks of corporate travel is that, particularly if you’re working with a travel agency or consultant, is that many will help you access hotel discounts for big corporate groups.
Interested in finding out more about getting the best corporate hotel rates?
Got your checklist ready? Let’s dive in.

The 8 must-haves of a great corporate hotel

When it comes to choosing the right business hotel for your corporate travelers, there are some specific features to bear in mind. Below, we’ve listed our top criteria for what makes a great corporate hotel.

1. Location, location, location

A good place to start when looking for the ideal corporate hotel is location. Consider the following points:
  • Where are your business meetings taking place?
  • Can you find a business hotel near the same location?
  • How long is the commute between them?
  • Proximity to public transport is a big plus
  • The hotel should be strategically located, usually near major business hubs, airports, train stations, or convention centers for easy accessibility and convenience in commuting to meetings or events
  • Avoid noisy streets or bar hotspots

2. Comfortable accommodation: rest equals success

A good night’s sleep is crucial to top performance in the boardroom or conference room. The best way to know what you’re dealing with is by reading previous—recent—customer reviews.
The hotel should provide top-quality accommodation with comfortable beds, ample workspace (including a sufficient desk in each hotel room), soundproofing, and reliable wifi connection.
It’s all in the detail: for long-haul trips, where business travelers may be experiencing jet lag, you might want to check that each room offers blackout curtains. If you’re traveling during the warmer months, air conditioning is a must.

3. 24/7 Concierge services: there when you need it

An efficient front desk and high-quality concierge services are the markers of the best hotels for corporate travel. Services such as airport pick up and drop off, meeting and event planning, and personal errand assistance provide much-needed convenience for your business travelers, leaving them to focus on their work at hand.
A great concierge will help you book restaurants, call cabs, receive guests, and much more. Add in efficient laundry services, and you’ve minimized all possible hassle for your corporate travelers!

4. High-level security: to keep your travelers safe and sound

A top-quality corporate hotel should provide high protection for personal belongings to avoid theft and other concerns. Features to look for are 24-hour security, surveillance systems, well-lit areas, in-room safes, and secure access to floors and rooms.
A few other important safety measures include fire safety regulations, evacuation plans, and strict access control to hotel rooms. You could even check for room-card-only access to elevators and stairwells from various entrance points.

5. Business-friendly services: for a hassle-free trip

The corporate hotel you choose should offer specific facilities and services designed for business travelers, such as a well-equipped business center, meeting or conference rooms with audio-visual equipment, and 24-hour room service.
Each room should also have a well-lit, plug-accessible desk where travelers can work from. More and more hotels are offering coworking spaces, which might be an ideal facility for your team. Other helpful business services might include:
  • Access to printers
  • International phone options
  • In-room stationary
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
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6. Lightning-fast internet connection: day and night

One thing most of us learned during the pandemic is that there’s nothing more frustrating than your connection dropping in the middle of an important call.
It’s pretty much a given these days that a hotel will offer free wifi, particularly business hotels, but if your travelers are going to be making important calls while in the hotel, it’s important to check in advance that the wifi is high speed—and at no extra cost.

7. Great dining options: no one works well on an empty stomach

The hotel you’re looking for should ideally offer a range of dining options, room service and an on-site restaurant. If you’re planning to host a corporate event in your hotel, confirm in advance catering options for private dining or business meetings. Most corporate hotels, particularly luxury hotels, will offer this service.
We’re not necessarily talking deluxe Michelin-star style food, but as a bottom line remember that healthy minds do better work! When business travelers are constantly on the go, and attending indulgent business dinners, it can be hard to stay healthy, so it’s worth checking that your corporate hotel offers healthy options.
It’s also definitely worth ensuring that they have vegan options, and can cater to various allergies and intolerances.

8. Health and wellness facilities: avoiding stress in style

Access to leisure facilities can make a world of difference for business travelers, particularly when it comes to unwinding after a long day of meetings.
Your corporate hotel should offer health and wellness facilities such as a fitness center, a swimming pool, spa services, even a sauna to help business travelers relax and de-stress.

Book your ideal corporate hotel today

Even with a list of facilities and services to look out for, booking a corporate hotel for your business travelers can be a complicated, time-consuming process.
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