6 best business travel management companies in Atlanta

26 Jun 2024 · 7
Managing business travel without a travel management company makes it challenging to offer employees top-notch travel experiences while also making cost savings for your business. 
Join us as we take a look at the best travel experts and companies in The Peach State that can help you optimize your corporate travel programs and business travel arrangements.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk homepage
is a corporate travel management company that offers an all-in-one digital platform. Our state-of-the-art travel management solution helps you organize all aspects of your company’s business trips. Using the platform, employees can book and manage their own corporate travel. 
You’ll have access to an extensive travel inventory for flights and accommodation, and a huge catalog of integrations with third-party software at your fingertips. Trains, planes, cars, or anything else you might fancy — we offer thousands of booking options.
Our corporate travel solution comes with many useful features, such as: 
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2. Teplis Travel

Teplis Travel
Teplis Travel is a B2B travel agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that offers business travel programs for organizations with mid-market budgets. Founded in 1972, Teplis has over 50 years of experience in delivering personalized corporate travel services, including travel consulting, incentive travel, and group and event travel. 
Teplis Travel is an Partner and also offers the following services:
  • Consolidated travel programs that cater to global locations
  • Customized travel technology that integrates with online booking tools
  • Real-time, automated expense reports
  • Personalized, high-touch services for VIP travelers
  • 24/7/365 corporate travel agent support

Here’s what makes TravelPerk the preferred solution for business travel management:

  • A self-booking travel management platform with and automatic travel policy compliance.
  • Its carbon offsetting program enables you to offset your footprint and report on carbon control initiatives. 
  • , a feature that enables you to cancel your business trip arrangements up to two hours before departure and receive an 80% refund on the trip cost.

3. Protravel International

Protravel homepage
Even though its headquarters are in New York City, Protravel International operates as both a luxury and business travel agency, boasting 24 branch locations across the USA and the UK, including one in Atlanta.
In Atlanta, the branch functions as a luxury vacation and entertainment travel agency and is staffed with experienced travel advisors. 
As well as vacation, luxury, and entertainment travel services, the wider Protravel International company offers the following benefits: 
  • Partnerships with major worldwide airlines 
  • An in-house team of fare and route experts
  • Frequent flier and airline incentive program support
  • Travel management reporting
  • Integrations with Concur and Certify 
  • Mobile itineraries, online traveler profiles, and risk management support

Here's why TravelPerk is the better choice for business travel management:

  • Its extensive inventory encompasses air, hotels, rail travel, and more.
  • You have access to 24/7 customer care that operates at a guaranteed rapid response time, no matter your location.
  • TravelPerk’s feature enables you to book any type of travel and cancel at any time with no questions asked and receive 80% back on your travel spend.

4. BCD Travel

BCD Travel homepage
BCD Travel is a corporate travel management company with clients in over 106 countries around the world. While BCD Travel's main headquarters are located in the Netherlands, the company's regional US headquarters are located in Atlanta. 
In addition to standard business travel management services, BCD Travel also provides meeting, events, and sports travel support, a partnership with Advito, a business travel consulting service, and VIP travel services. 
BCD Travel’s main features include:
  • An expense management tool
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compatibility with over 20 online booking tools
  • A mobile app for business travelers 
  • A tool that provides insights based on travel data and itinerary management

Reasons why BCD Travel customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • Easy pricing: A pay-per-trip pricing model with no hidden fees.
  • TravelPerk provides stellar, 24-7 customer support with a target 15-second response time.
  • TravelPerk's extensive travel inventory ensures you secure the best deals on flights and accommodation from a wide range of providers, with added options for car rentals and train travel.
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5. Amex GBT

AMEX GBT homepage
Amex GBT (American Express Global Business Travel) is a global travel management company with features that best serve enterprise-level companies.
The company offers several solutions, including an all-in-one platform and a business travel spend management tool to help companies manage trips and expenses. Amex GBT also provides tools for risk management, policy compliance support, and carbon emission monitoring.
Some of Amex GBT’s noteworthy features include: 
  • Fare rate monitoring and ticket rebooking 
  • Personal assistants who help with travel booking processes and provide assistance to traveling employees
  • Travel disruption management 
  • Meetings and events support
  • Travel reporting and analytics
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Reasons why AMEX GBT customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • TravelPerk’s user-friendly platform simplifies the management of all of your travel needs. 
  • Businesses have access to an industry-leading travel inventory that covers flights, hotels, car rentals, and rail travel options. 
  • Simple pricing means businesses get one invoice at the end of the month, with no hidden fees.

6. CWT

CWT homepage
CWT is a corporate travel agency focusing on travel management for companies across various sectors including energy, resources, marine, life sciences, and media and entertainment.
Although the business is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, businesses in Atlanta can still make use of CWT’s services that include high-touch and tailored travel programs, white-glove VIP services, meetings and events support, risk management tools, and business travel policy monitoring. 
Users can also tap into CWT's essential features, including:
  • A consolidated travel platform
  • Access to a 24/7 messaging service
  • Insights from real-time data
  • Real-time carbon footprint indicators
  • Travel cost consolidation 
  • Expense management

Reasons why CWT customers have switched to TravelPerk in the past year:

  • TravelPerk operates on a pay-per-trip model, ensuring users are only charged a single, nominal fee for each journey — and only when they're actively traveling.
  • The easy-to-use platform handles bookings, cancelations, changes, and integrations, powered by intelligent automations and approval workflows. 
  • They have access to a wide-ranging travel inventory that ensures more options for booking accommodation, flights, and other travel arrangements, as well as access to better, negotiated rates.
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Enjoy seamless business travel management in Atlanta with TravelPerk

Here’s the bottom line: Business travelers deserve smooth and stress-free journeys. Travel managers deserve frictionless booking processes, streamlined expense management, and quick approvals.With the TravelPerk platform, you get access to a feature-rich, self-booking system, an industry-leading travel inventory, a 24/7 support team to assist employees whenever they need, and a straightforward pay-per-trip model to ensure you enjoy the convenience and efficiency you deserve.
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