10 best Airbnbs and team-building experiences for a company offsite

15 Jun 2022 · 10
So, you’re tired of virtual experiences and are now planning an in-person company team-building event. Airbnb is a pretty good place to start thinking about your next offsite - whether you’re looking for specific activities and accommodation options or simply seeking inspiration, Airbnb seems to have it all!
However, it’s easy to get lost in the galaxy of choices available. From accommodation options literally around the world to every experience imaginable and unimaginable, actually winnowing down and making decisions can be tough. That’s why we decided to peruse Airbnb for you and make a shortlist of some of their best accommodation options for small groups or large groups as well as the most exciting team-building activities on offer in North America and Europe. Let’s take a look!
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Top 5 stays & activities in North America

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The Glen House at Sunday River - Maine, United States

For the ultimate luxury off-site venue, try The Glen House at Sunday River. The property boasts everything you’ll need, including a movie theatre, a pool, an entertainment garage (that includes air hockey, giant Jenga, and ping pong among many others), a sauna, a volleyball pitch, and so much more. You’ll even be met with a fully stocked pantry and can request a personal chef to take care of all of your culinary needs. With easy access to the lake, ski-in and ski-out amenities, and views of the valley, you’ll truly want for nothing at The Glen House at Sunday River.

Recommended activity: hiking with goats

Just a short hour drive away from The Glen House at Sunday River, you can go for an incredible hike with the most unique experience hosts you’ve ever seen - goats! At Ten Apple Farm, you and your team members will enjoy a 2-hour hike in the wilderness accompanied by some of the farm’s cutest animal residents!
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Three Pines Petersburg - Illinois, United States

If you want to whisk your team members away to a simpler time, this historic mansion built in 1875 is the perfect escape. With birds-eye views of Petersburg, the property is nestled among beautiful trees and is still just a short walk away from the town square. With 3.5 acres of land, 3 fire pits, yoga equipment, and everything you need for an Instagram-worthy picnic on the grounds, this is a wonderful location for an intimate setting for private groups.

Recommended activity: kayaking tour on Clinton Lake

If what you’re looking for is a way to break people out of their shells and try something new, then a kayaking tour on Clinton Lake is just the ticket. Ideal for both new and experienced kayakers, your tour guide will take you through the creek, show you some wildlife, and help teams immerse themselves in their natural surroundings! You just can’t get an experience like that on Zoom.
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Hacienda House on Vineyard - California, United States

Want to really get away and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind? This hacienda house on a Californian vineyard might just be the answer. For remote teams who want to come together, immerse themselves in team-building exercises, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet in real life, this isolated property in the Pastures of Heaven will provide the ideal setting. Walk through the vineyards, enjoy an outdoor group BBQ, or organize a unique scavenger hunt across the property’s 20 acres! The best thing about it, though, is that while there is WiFi, there is no wireless cell phone reception. Your team will really be able to disconnect and enjoy total immersion in corporate team-building activities!

Recommended activity: private surfing lessons with a pro surfer

Could there be anything more Californian than taking lessons from a professional surfer? Sure, you’ll need to split into groups of 5 to do it - but you could turn that into a game as well! The team of 5 that stands up on the surfboard most times wins! Learn surfing techniques, feel the waves, and of course, have fun!
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SB Oceanfront Beach Club - California, United States

For the more beach-oriented team, why not head down to Santa Barbara for a little seaside fun in the glitz and glamor of one of California’s most exclusive locations? Boasting a comfortable living room, large pool table, spacious dining area, a cinema, rooftop pool, and a hot tub, this property is fully equipped to turn your next company retreat into an unforgettable experience. Your colleagues won’t stop talking about this place for years!

Recommended activity: Electric bike tour with a local

Take advantage of the fact that you’re in the glamorous Santa Barabara and take an electric bike tour! Stop at Santa Barbara’s must-see spots across the city’s bike routes, enjoy some historical sites, and stop to take some lovely team photos along the way!
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Modern Lake Home & City Cabin - Minnesota, United States

With the Twin Cities just minutes away, this city cabin has a little something for everyone. With a sun porch, a hot tub, and lake access with canoes and kayaks, this is a great place for colleagues to come together, make memories, and get motivated for what’s ahead. The scenic views and comfortable common areas make this property the ideal place to go any time of the year! Whether you’re opting for a corporate retreat in the summer or shaking things up and taking your colleagues for a much-deserved break in the winter months, this modern lake home has it all.

Recommended activity: Go on a classy Minneapolis pub crawl

Happy hour, step aside! Make way for the classy pub crawl where you’ll stop at some of Minneapolis’s best bars, distilleries, and breweries. Often associated with speakeasies and Prohibition-era alcohol smuggling, Minneapolis is now in its Golden Age of cocktail making and beer brewing. Take your team down to experience fine cocktails and learn about the history of this fascinating city.

Top 5 stays & activities in Europe

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Villa Palmeras Sitges Hills - Sitges, Spain

A short drive away from the bustling Catalan capital of Barcelona, Villa Palmeras is ideally located in the famous Spanish beach town of Sitges. If, like many companies, you’re looking to bring your distributed teams back together for the first time after the pandemic - then this is the perfect place to do so with a bang! The villa sleeps 22 people, and offers a stunning swimming pool surrounded by palm trees as an outdoor common area for people to enjoy a sangria together at the end of the day!

Recommended activity: traditional paella-making class

Join Miguel Angel at his home for the ultimate cooking class that will teach you to make a traditional Spanish paella. Using the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, this masterclass in paella-making will really immerse you in what makes the Spanish spirit so unique - good food, happy faces, and great vibes. What’s more, cooking classes are great team-building activities that will encourage colleagues to work together, get creative, and break out of their shells.
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Villa Pozzolo - Tuscany, Italy

Now here’s something really special - a Tuscan artist’s villa with an 18m saltwater swimming pool, library, petting zoo, and all-inclusive delicious meals and wine. With 40 hectares of forest and garden surrounding the property, there’s even an open-air dance floor for teammates to celebrate successes in style! This beautiful, traditional Tuscan villa deep in the countryside makes for the perfect company retreat or offsite where you can bring your virtual team together in real life - and maybe meet a few Alpacas and Icelandic ponies along the way. Yep, you read that right!

Recommended activity: private dinner at Sonnino Castle

Selected by the maison Gucci to be part of their “Gucci Places”, Sonnino Castle was built in the 17th century and is now open to the public as a beacon of art, history, and elegance. Set up a private dinner for you and your colleagues at this historic heritage site, where you’ll start with a traditional Italian aperitivo in the courtyard, before moving on to dinner in the Enoteca gardens.
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Castle in Manou - Centre-Val de Loire , France

If what you’re looking for is to inject a shot of wellness, fantasy, imagination, and whimsy into your corporate retreat, look no further than this castle in the Loire Valley. Transport your colleagues to the 13th century and a 20-hectare park in the middle of one of France’s most prominent wine regions for an offsite they won’t soon forget! With plenty of space for team-building exercises and rooms for group work and brainstorming, you’ll truly want for nothing at this once-in-a-lifetime experience castle.

Recommended activity: take a tour of the Palace of Versailles

Sure, it sounds touristy - but it doesn’t have to be with this great tour run by Stu and Niki. Join them to take a tour of the Palace of Versailles by bike, skipping those insufferable queues, and discover the chateau, gardens, and secret places away from the crowds. What’s more, your team will get to enjoy a lovely French picnic lunch by the Grand Canal. Now that’s a way to make lasting memories with colleagues!
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Rowallan New Castle - Kilmaurs, Scotland

Complete with a 19-hole golf course, this mansion is located on a Scottish private estate that is fully catered for lunch and dinner. The property includes a comfortable shared lounge area, beautifully cared for gardens and grounds, and an interior decor evocative of Downton Abbey-esque set design. It’s perfect for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a truly Scottish experience, complete with golfing and delicious meals!

Recommended activity - find a hidden glen in the woods

Take your team out for an adventure out of a storybook! Delve deep into the forest, walk along a mystical gorge, and cross an ancient staircase at Finnich Glen! There are no virtual tours that can show you the magical wonders of of Finnich Glen - you’ll just have to see it in real life. Colleagues will bond over the natural wonders of these woods, explore a wonderous place they’ve never seen before, and build lasting memories together.
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Private Wild Camp - Newquay, England

If your team is more on the adventurous, nature-loving side, then this private wild camp on the grounds of a dairy farm might be just the thing for you. Nestled in the heart of the Cornish countryside, your colleagues will experience a night of team-building like none other! From setting your own campfires to roasting your own smores to spending a night in a sleeping bag under the stars, this is the ultimate wilderness retreat!

Recommended activity - mediate in the wilderness

Since you’re already deep in the woods, why not think about meditating in the wilderness? Find a traveling guided meditation professional who can help you take advantage of your surroundings and really connect with your inner self!

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