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6 business travel trends for 2021 and beyond

18 Jan 2021

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6 business travel trends for 2021 and beyond

Every new year brings with it new predictions, new trends, and of course, new buzzwords. As we enter 2021, we took a look at the 6 trends that our data revealed will characterize business travel going forward. The coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we knew it in many ways—and business travel is one of them. With the prevalence of Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and other videoconferencing tools, some thought that business travel would be over. Well, that’s not true. Business travel won’t be over, it will just be different. It will cater to different corporate needs and will have to be reshaped itself. 

So, what are the 6 traits that will reshape business travel in the “next normal”? Check out our infographic below. 

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