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Key Features

  • Approve trips instantly
  • Build your workplace eco-system
  • Follow the approval process related to individual travel projects or teams in the relevant channels
  • Traveller immediately notified when a trip is approved in Slack

How It Works

One way integration via API

When a trip needs approval, our integration automatically sends a Slack message with the approval request to the traveler’s approver.

They’ll be able to see a summary of the trip (dates, travelers, services, policy details, message, and total amount), then approve and pay—or decline—directly from Slack.

You can set up the Slack trip approval requests integration directly from the Integrations page.

It's as simple as this:

  1. On the Integrations page, press Set up
  2. Enable the integration by pressing Add to Slack
  3. Allow permissions to access the Slack workspace (OAuth authorization)
  4. Once this is done, two things can happen:

    ✅ If you're an Admin on TravelPerk and a Workspace Owner or App Manager in your Slack workspace, you'll be able to complete the integration process yourself! Check below how app authorizations work on Slack.

    🕔 If you're not the Workspace Owner or App Manager in your Slack workspace, the integration will remain pending until someone with the right permissions in Slack approves it.
Partnership type

Integrated Partner

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