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YESIM.Business is an eSIM solution for business travellers that ensures secure and reliable mobile internet. It is a self-service platform to track, manage and arrange reports on your worker’s data traffic usage worldwide.  Basically, your company gets a platform and your workers get an app – that is to provide transparency, security, and competitive prices for any mobile data user.

Key Features

  • An opportunity to enable mobile internet in 120+ countries with a single handy tool
  • Fully self-service online platform
  • Options for managing mobile internet spend split in offices, departments, and workers
  • Full analytics on traffic usage and money spends
  • Multiple reporting types
  • iOS and Android application
  • VPN service as an option

How It Works

There is no technical connection required.

The partnership between TravelPerk and Yesim give companies and travelers the ability to ensure that all employes have access to secure and reliable mobile internet. With a couple of clicks you can be set up and ready to rock with global data on your next trip. Click here to learn more.

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