The complete guide to office management


How to write an office manager job description

Office Management roles have changed, they are no longer what they used to be. Today, any office manager is expected to be as adaptable and global-minded as some of our world’s best businesses.
When you’re looking for an office manager you need someone that is not only organized and has excellent people skills, but someone with great know-how for legal knowledge, and has a global business mindset.
In this short article, we’ll guide you through the essentials you need to involve in your office manager job description to attract the talent your business needs.

Specialized office managers

Before we dive into office manager job descriptions and responsibilities, we need to establish the different kinds of office managers out there. Many businesses can hire a regular office manager and will have success. roles require a degree of specialization, and some companies require office managers to be more industry-specific.

Medical & Dental Office Management

A healthcare office manager differs slightly. This medical office management position comes with the regular responsibilities of leading business operations, overseeing operational staff- in this case, receptionists and billing technicians- as well as helping with local marketing initiatives. However, healthcare office managers often need to ensure the correct coding is used by staff when designating a diagnosis or results.
There’s no degree or qualification required, although there is a nice-to-have certification available: Professional Association of Health Care Office Management ().

Law Office Management

Law office managers may perform some of the same responsibilities as legal secretaries, paralegals, and legal assistants- depending on their education. As well as the standard office management responsibilities, also help to recruit attorneys, maintain the library and office records, and perform legal research.
There may be some education or and training required, depending on the responsibilities the law firm is looking to fill.

Office manager job description example

Writing an Office manager intro paragraph

The introduction paragraph to your office manager job description should dive into your company mission and vision. You’ll want to find someone as passionate about what your business does as you are.
If you can, try to go into describing your employee culture, life at the office, and the type of qualities you’re looking for in a candidate.

Office manager job responsibilities & requirements

  • Support/manage company day-to-day operations, systems, and staff
  • Maintain office services by working with internal or external suppliers
  • Payroll support
  • Support staff retention and onboarding
  • Planning & Implementing internal systems and procedures
  • Designing & Implementing office policies
  • Staff reporting and trend watching presentations for leadership
  • Coaching, counseling and disciplining employees where necessary
  • Company event budgeting & management
  • Greeting visitors in-office and over the phone
  • Coordinating all staff travel including, flights, hotels, car rental, insurance, and budgets
  • Working with contractors & vendors
  • Support in local marketing initiatives

Work hours & benefits

It’s important to manage expectations here while keeping the potential candidate excited for the role. Be clear with the office hours the candidate needs to be available. Also, note down any travel required.
Balance this out with your company perks. Do you offer free lunches, gym memberships, company retreats, or other wellness programs?  Put all of that information in this section.

Office manager skills & qualifications

Each company will be looking for its own set of skills and qualifications from an office manager, selects those that are specific to your role.
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, etc
  • Google Suite: Drive, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, etc
  • Remote tools: Slack, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc
  • Desired Bachelor/High school diploma/GED
  • Language proficiency

Desirable but not essential skills & qualities

Again, these will vary depending on your business and the type of candidate you’re looking to hire. If your business tone allows it, feel free to be a little playful towards the end of this list and show that you’re human.
  • Knowledge of administrator systems, responsibilities & procedures
  • Bookkeeping, travel & project management software knowledge
  • Analytical minded & results-driven
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Extra languages
  • Travel booking experience
  • Can bake a mean carrot cake

Other titles for an office manager

We’ll wrap things up with other names for an office management position. It’s good to get these into your job description and encompass them into your recruitment strategy if you’re hoping to attract as many great candidates as possible. Not everyone is searching for “office manager” jobs.
Some other titles you can consider are:
  • Workspace manager
  • Employee wellbeing manager
  • Area Manager (Office)
  • HQ Manager
  • Internal Office Manager
  • Workplace manager
  • Administrative director
  • Business Manager
  • Wellbeing manager
  • People and Happiness Manager
  • Operations Manager
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