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Request Form (Business Travel)

What is a request form for business travel?

A request form for business travel is a means of record-keeping in the world of corporate travel. Employees fill in the form with details about themselves, the form is approved, then the company saves the form for future reference.

Typical fields include:

  • Employee name
  • Purpose of trip
  • Location of trip
  • Start and end dates
  • Predicted expenses (categorized)
  • Manager comments

Who works on a request form?

Common request forms pass through three stages, from the request itself to the approval stages. Furthermore, efficient request forms automatically send notifications to specific people when action is required.

The employee

When an employee knows they have to make a business trip, they begin the process by filling in a request form. If all superiors accept the form, the employee will then receive the approved form and be ready to go. However, if it is rejected at any level, the employee must make changes.

First level of approval

Usually a direct manager of the employee, the first level of approval checks that all of the details are correct and reasonable. If the manager finds fault with dates or predicted expenses, for example, they will reject the request and include comments for improvement. The form then goes back to the employee to make appropriate changes before sending it back to their manager.

Second level of approval

This level of approval is very similar to the previous one. Usually dealt with by the head of a department or a C-level worker, it goes through the same process as the previous level. In the event of approval at this level, administration gives the trip the green light and archive the form. In the event of rejection, the form goes back to the employee with suggested modifications.

Can I find business travel request form templates?

There are all kinds of templates for request forms that you can find via a quick Google search. However, Microsoft 365 also boasts a range of templates that you can adapt to make your own request form for business travel.

Why use a request form for business travel?

Request forms are neat and fast ways to perform one simple task. For example, they make automatic updates and send automatic messages, taking the risk out of sending documents to multiple recipients by email.

Forms can also be adapted to flag fields that are outside of corporate travel policy, streamlining a company’s business travel.