TravelPerk & Trainline: improving UK train travel for business travelers

21 May 2019 · 2
Seasoned business travelers will tell you it’s all about trains.
  1. Speed
  2. Efficiency
  3. Cost-saving
  4. Comfort (Just think of the legroom)
  5. Scenery
  6. Eco-friendliness
  7. Electrical outlets
  8. Train wifi
  9. Baggage freedom
  10. Arguably a less stressful booking process than planes
And so on and so forth. The benefits are as numerous as the platforms at New York’s Grand Central Terminal (which is 44, by the way).
Whether you’re on a short, one-city only business trip or one that involves cross-country journeys, trains can offer a faster and more efficient way to navigate intra-country travel than other forms of transport, especially in destinations such as the UK.
When you calculate for check-in, airport-security and boarding waiting times or the inevitability of traffic if renting a car (not to mention the administrative madness that can ensue at car rental offices), trains often come out on top.
And who wants to arrive at Heathrow airport and have to navigate the confusing system of purchasing the right ticket from the right machine for the right train at the right time, all while trying to grasp the complexities of British queuing?
No one, that’s who.
When it comes to , the key from start to finish is frictionless travel.
The ideal scenario for most people would involve all the finer details of their train journey having been already handled in advance. That way, all you’d need to be told is what platform you needed to go to, when. Simple, right?
We agree. So, we’ve made it happen! 😀
We’ve partnered with Trainline to bring our customers an even better business travel experience with UK trains now available to book on the TravelPerk platform.
You can find and book every train route in the UK (except metro/tube/ferry connections) on the TravelPerk platform, which means you’ll have the biggest travel inventory in Europe at your fingertips, and all in one place.
TravelPerk customers have the opportunity to cut the cost of business travel further and book tickets in a way that makes train journeys in the UK as convenient as possible.
No more booking your trips on multiple platforms, or being redirected to book elsewhere online, or needing to queue to get tickets at the station, or missing your train because of said needing to queue. In summary, no more frustration and wasted time! Travelers and travel managers can now just login and search for the desired ticket(s). Once booked, you can pick them up from the station on the day with all the information you need—super efficient and spectacularly easy.
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