TravelPerk Product & Market Update - December 2021

16 Dec 2021 · 3
The last few weeks have seen a lot of change for travel as countries react to Omicron. With that in mind, our product marketing team has put together some tips below to make sure you're up to speed on the latest regulations changes and how to change or cancel a trip.
Last month we also released a bunch of improvements, including more visibility on our carbon offsetting projects & security practices, and a shiny new expenses integration.

Dealing with the latest regulations changes

Travel restrictions changes - 16th December

With the emergence of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19, many countries are changing their travel requirements. Find out how some of our customers' most visited countries are reacting.

Make any of your trips refundable

Flexibility is no longer an option, it's a necessity. By choosing FlexiPerk, you can make any trip refundable: you pay a small fee and can then cancel with a click up to 2h before your trip, and get 80% of the money back.
If you're on our Premium and Pro plans, you can add FlexiPerk to specific trips, for a small fee. For extra peace of mind, consider taking our FlexiPerk company option and put every company trip on a flexible plan.

Need to cancel a trip? Here's how

We've made improvements to the trip cancellation process to make it smoother and faster for you. No matter whether your trip is refundable or not, you can now cancel it in just a few clicks from the Help page, or the Trips page in your account.
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Updates for businesses that travel

Be the change. Offset your carbon emissions. Travel sustainably.

With the COP26 coming to a close, companies like yours are putting sustainability at the heart of their business practices.
You can too! Enable GreenPerk, our no-commission carbon offsetting service, to be the change you want to see in the world. Track your impact, as you offset 100% of your business travel carbon footprint at just ~ 0.5% avg. of the cost of any business trip.
All GreenPerk projects are VERRA-accredited, 3rd party verified, and are held to the highest standard in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Dynamic budgets - now available on flights

Whether for booking a trip for business or to see loved ones over this holiday period, I'm sure many of you have experienced first hand how prices for trips can fluctuate. To complement last month's launch of dynamic budgets for hotels<link>, you can now set up the same for flights by going to our . Dynamic budgets can be set based on either the cheapest or the median rates available in search results.

Get full visibility of your travel costs with Rydoo

Fed up of manually checking and matching costs across different tools, and having to fix mistakes? The Rydoo-TravelPerk integration will automatically sync daily your bookings from TravelPerk into your Rydoo reports.
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How we put your security first

IWe’ve put together this comprehensive security whitepaper to give you a deeper understanding of how we do information security and data protection at TravelPerk.

Book the same hotel as your colleagues

Want to stay in the same hotel as your colleagues? No matter whether you're trying to synchornise a trip, or you want to stay in a place a colleague has recommended, we've made it really easy to book the same hotel as your colleagues. Now you can search availability in the same hotel directly from any itinerary that they share.

Wishing you a safe and happy festive period and new year from all the Product Marketing team at TravelPerk.

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The product marketing team
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