The 6 best B2B travel agencies in 2024

01 Dec 2023 · 8
When you’re booking travel day-in and day-out, whether it’s for your corporate team or managing a tour group or travel company, you know that business travel has lots of moving pieces. According to a , 87% of business travelers and corporate travel managers wish they could implement more streamlined booking processes.
If you’re part of that 87%, we’re here to help.
In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of the best B2B travel agencies that can help you simplify your travel management from booking to expenses to VAT refunds to inventory and more.

What is a B2B travel agency?

Business-to-business (or B2B) travel agencies span a broad category that offer several different purposes related to business travel. Most broadly, a B2B travel agency is a business that offers travel booking and management solutions for another business. For the purposes of this article, we focused on B2B travel agencies that provide one of two services:
  1. travel agencies that help manage business travel for corporate clients, or
  2. B2B travel services that help travel companies manage white-label bookings and inventory on their own booking platform.

The best B2B travel agencies for companies

If you manage business travel for your company, these B2B travel agencies can help streamline your business processes. Want to make booking and expense reports more efficient? Looking for more competitive prices and higher VAT refunds? Need more affordable and flexible travel policies? These travel technology solutions are the answer.

1. TravelPerk

If you’re a business traveler, corporate travel manager or travel admin, is here to bring your team the best travel at competitive prices. As one of the most flexible and comprehensive business travel management systems available, it’s the perfect B2B solution for companies looking to scale business growth, control spend, and centralize all aspects of business travel.
Clients rave about its and from their B2B travel agents.
Core Strengths:
  • One of the largest corporate travel inventories available. Plus, competitive pricing lets your team get great prices on every booking.
  • Pay only when you travel—no hidden fees or installment fees.
  • Real-time reporting and consolidated invoicing for easy expense reports.
  • FlexiPerk solution gives you as needed, without losing your money.
  • The most , letting you save up to 20% of your total travel spend (not to mention hours of admin time).
  • , with the majority of calls answered within 15 seconds.
  • : 4.5 / 5, based on 1,533 reviews (as of February 2024)
  • : 4.8 / 5, based on 402 reviews (as of February 2024)
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2. BCD Travel

BCD Travel is another online booking engine and management platform that offers booking, expense management, program data and more for corporate clients looking to streamline travel management.
Core Strengths:
  • Wide range of travel-related services, from flight bookings to visa entry requirements.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Compatible with 20+ OBT solutions to integrate with your pre-existing solutions.
  • Updated and cleaned program data available to your dashboards in 90 minutes or less.
  • Spend management solutions allow you to process payments and invoices according to your travel policies.
  • DecisionSource helps you make smarter decisions with business insights and travel data analysis.
  • G2 rating: no data available
  • Capterra rating: no data available
BCD Travel is a reliable end-to-end solution for corporate travel.
However, keep in mind that some customers have been less than impressed with their customer service. Obviously, this is not ideal when you have employees traveling all over the world. For companies used to traditional travel agencies with lackluster support, TravelPerk offers a more supportive solution. TravelPerk’s 24/7, 7-star service ensures your travelers are always taken care of.
Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms

3. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a well-known corporate travel solution focused on large enterprises. With standalone invoicing and expense management tools, its travel platform definitely makes expense management easier. However, their online booking engine isn’t the most extensive or intuitive.
Core Strengths:
  • All-in-one booking platform that lets employees self-book flights, trains, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Admin dashboards allow managers to see all travel arrangements and booking data in one place.
  • TripLink brings in travel bookings from external platforms so you can manage all of your employee travel data.
  • Integrations with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice helps manage spend and automates expense processing and cut invoicing time.
  • : 4 / 5 stars, based on 5,996 reviews (as of February 2024)
  • : 4.3 / 5 stars, based on 2,004 reviews (as of February 2024)
As one of the largest B2B travel industry solutions, SAP Concur offers a full suite of functionalities. It’s a solid choice for extremely large enterprises, especially ones who are already using other SAP Concur products.
Many users have complained that the platform is “” and the interface is “.” If your employees are already familiar with SAP Concur products, this may not be a problem. Otherwise, a booking system that’s easier to use will increase adoption and speed up onboarding time.
For smaller companies—or those who just want to make travel as easy as possible—TravelPerk’s platform regularly receives praise for its and interface. Since TravelPerk caters to SMBs, its onboarding process is quick and efficient. You can get up and running right away! Even better, with TravelPerk, there are no fees until you actually book travel using the platform.
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4. FCM Travel

FCM Travel is an online travel agency that provides corporate clients with technology solutions, now aided by AI. As one of the largest travel companies for businesses, they provide both local and international travel support across more than 95 countries.
Core Strengths:
  • Customizable and scalable travel management based on your team’s needs.
  • FCM’s Online Booking Tool allows you to customize policies based on department or traveler to manage spend and other requirements.
  • FCM Reporting, powered by Microsoft Power BI tools, offers reporting and AI-assisted data analysis.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Dedicated account management and advising to improve your travel program and policies.
  • : 5 / 5 stars, based on 1 review, as of February 2024
  • Capterra rating: no data available
FCM Travel offers travel technology suitable for both SMBs and larger corporations. However, FCM Travel doesn’t offer free implementation, account management or straightforward pricing. Instead, you’ll pay per transaction, so your monthly fee will change based on cancellations, booking dates, the number of reservations made and more.
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The best B2B companies for travel agencies

Tour operators and travel agencies also know the hassle of booking B2B travel. If you’re a travel agent or sub-agent, finding the right B2B travel portal providers for your travel business can be a challenge. However, finding the right travel services can help streamline operations, improve inventory and increase profitability.
Our top picks for B2B travel products for travel services are B2B Travel Group and TBO Holidays. These distributors both offer extensive inventory for flight bookings, hotel reservations and travel packages. In addition, they both support white-label B2B travel portal development so you can focus on business growth.

1. B2B Travel Group

B2B Travel Group is a leading online travel consolidator for OTAs, retail agencies and tour operators. They specialize in hotel bookings and apartments, perfect for companies who already have transportation options—such as flights, trains and car rentals—covered.
Core Strengths:
  • Over 120,000 hotels and apartments worldwide so you can offer an extensive selection to your clients.
  • Last-minute availability makes accommodating clients—or changing travel plans—easier.
  • Intuitive booking platform designed by travel agents makes your day-to-day easier and more efficient.
  • Real availability and instant booking confirmations keep your clients covered on the go.
  • G2 rating: no data available
  • Capterra rating: no data available

2. TBO Holidays

TBO Holidays is one of the leading distributors and travel portal development companies. They offer everything from flight tickets to hotel reservations, car rentals to cruises, travel insurance and more.
Whether your travel agency serves B2B or B2C clients, TBO Holidays allows you to create and book seamless travel packages for whatever your clients need.
Core Strengths:
  • Extensive product suite allows you to offer more options and the best deals for your clients.
  • All-access membership gives your company access to more than 700,000 global properties, plus sightseeing tours, holiday packages and more.
  • Free registration gets you up and running quickly.
  • Control your own markups for custom commissions and increased profitability.
  • Support for all regional currencies allows you to quote rates—and accept payments—for currencies of your choice.
  • Branded hotel vouchers help you maximize recognition with your clients.
  • G2 rating: no data available
  • Capterra rating: no data available
For travel agencies looking for a comprehensive travel supplier, TBO Holidays is a great option.
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