Top 10 gifts for business travelers

29 Dec 2023 · 4
With travel mostly suspended over the last 10 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be finding it hard to figure out what to get the traveler in your life. Whether they're a friend or family member that travels for business or pleasure, our shortlist of gift ideas will help them get back to traveling safely and comfortably

For The Traveler

Leather Keychain Hand Sanitizer Holder 720x556 1

1. Leather keychain & hand sanitizer holder

We all know by now that keeping our hands clean is one of the best ways to avoid infection. Carrying sanitizer at all times means that travelers can clean their hands as soon as they come into contact with common-touch spaces. This that you can get on Amazon is the perfect stocking filler for the stylish and health-conscious traveler in your life.
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2. Aesop hand sanitizer

Another great stocking filler is Aesop’s . It’s made of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas, and yes, it’s a fancy hand sanitizer. This handy, pocket-friendly product will be one that the traveler in your life will want to use! It’s great for skincare and will leave their hands clean, hydrated, and smelling great.
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3. Designer face masks

Face masks are mandatory on virtually all flights, international or domestic (check out our ). We’ve already taken a look at the most comfortable face masks for long-haul flights , but what about special masks that make for a great gift? International designers like , , and have all come up with beautifully crafted reusable face masks to navigate this new world.

For Their Things

Passport Bag 780x603 1

4. Antimicrobials essentials pouch

The by The Essentials Story is a must-have gift for travelers this season. Created in response to the global health crisis, this pouch is made of 100% antimicrobial, vegan materials. It safely stores all of a traveler’s essentials like passports, transport cards, boarding passes, toiletries, and more, in one cute and convenient pack.
Samsonite Infographic

5. Antimicrobial packing accessories

Packing clothing and personal items hygienically will become a staple of travel in the “next normal”. is treated with antimicrobial technology and will ensure that dirty clothes are kept securely separate from clean ones. They're compact enough to fit in a checked bag, as well as a carry-on. This is a fantastic way to show someone you care, by giving them the ultimate tool for safe and organized travel in our new reality.
Antimicrobial Packing Bag

6. Sustainable portfolio bag

Any frequent business traveler knows that keeping your papers, laptop, and chargers well organized is key. This from Rothy’s is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who travels a lot for work. It comes in 4 different colors and is made of bound marine plastic, meaning that it isn’t harmful to the environment.

For Their Gadgets

6 1024x791

7. Viral-Off laptop sleeve

Voted one of the best business products of the year, ChargeTech’s is the perfect present for the business traveler. The sleeve hugs the laptop and stops viruses and microbes from multiplying on the laptop using Viral-Off. It’s been guaranteed to remove 99% of viruses (including COVID-19) within 2 hours of contact.
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8. UV sanitizer box

For the traveler and gadget enthusiast, the from Casetify kills up to 99% of bacteria on your phone in 3 minutes! Today, our phones are like extensions of ourselves, and they probably come into as much contact with potentially harmful germs, microbes, and viruses as our hands do. That’s why a present like this is ideal for frequent travelers—it keeps their phones clean, and charges them in the process.

For a Safe & Comfortable Trip

7 1024x791

9. Comfy seat protector

Just because something is safe, doesn’t mean it’s not cozy! The from Assuage International does what its name suggests—it covers a passenger seat on a plane, train, or even in a rented car on a road trip. It puts an extra layer between the user and the germs that can accumulate on the seat beneath them. Not to mention that it’s made of ultra-soft fleece to keep them comfortable.

10. Their own travel pillow

This is something that was already on most frequent travelers’ radars. A good neck pillow helps travelers arrive at their destination rested and energized. The are easy to carry and are designed for all resting positions across all modes of transport! They’re a gift any traveler would appreciate.

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