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The best travel restrictions API for your customers

Help your customers make safer travel booking decisions with the #1 COVID-19 and travel restrictions information on the market.

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Booking travel for your own company?

Look no further! Book, manage, and report on business travel with TravelPerk. Get real-time access to all the latest travel restriction information built-in with every trip.

Give your customers a green light to travel again

Embed up-to-date travel restriction information straight into your platform.

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Clean APIs that developers love

We know how challenging it is to source reliable, verified travel safety information. So we built the best solution ourselves. Integrate TravelSafe into your own platform quickly and easily with our self-serve API docs. Get it up and running today and empower your customers to travel safely again.

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Increase booking conversion

As the world starts to open up again thanks to the vaccine rollout, providing clear travel information at each stage of the booking flow is essential. From point-to-point travel restrictions to local guidelines to airline safety & flexibility measures, providing timely, reliable information will drive your bookings through the roof. We’ve seen it first-hand with TravelCare, the solution we built for our product with this API.

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Reduce operational costs

Lessen the impact travel restrictions have on your support team. Providing travelers with clear updates gives them the autonomy they need and cuts down on customer service requests. When extra help is needed, your team has all the information readily available to handle queries efficiently.