Pleo seamlessly integrates with TravelPerk, to give you a state-of-the-art business spending solution.

Pleo offers smart payment cards and automated expense reports for employees, enabling them to buy the things they need for work while giving finance teams full control and visibility of all company spending. Same vision TravelPerk has when it comes to business travel!

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TravelPerk partners with Pleo

About the Integration

👉 Your end-to-end business travel & expense management solution. 

  1. One-stop shop for business travel & expenses
    Make a booking on TravelPerk, an industry-leading inventory of travel, using a Pleo card, to automatically reconcile your expenses and receipts in Pleo.
  2. Save (loads of) time, reduce manual errors
    Ditch time-consuming expense reports and approve spending as it happens. We automatically match your TravelPerk receipts with Pleo expenses.
  3. Track your travel costs in real-time 
    Get detailed spending analytics covering every aspect of your business travel in a few clicks. Complete travel spend data is synced across both platforms including cost centers, VAT codes. 
  4. Set individual spend limits and travel policies
    Your team can book for themselves while staying within policy and you see what’s bought in real-time.

🌎 Regions supported: UKI & EU

Requires: TravelPerk Premium or Pro Plan

How would Pleo work with TravelPerk?

  1. With a Pleo card make a booking on TravelPerk.
  2. Pleo will receive the details directly from Mastercard and automatically set the category.
  3. Pleo will fetch the invoice from TravelPerk and add it to your expense in Pleo.
  4. That’s it! Users can add tags or notes to make things easier for the finance team.

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