Oyster is a global employment platform that helps fast-growing companies manage remote work and international hiring.

You can find a brilliant sales manager in Lisbon, a software engineer in South Africa, and a designer in Argentina, and use Oyster to provide the same five-star hiring, onboarding, and payroll experience to them all.

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Oyster brings in:

  • Compliant hiring: Hire from anywhere in the world without setting up a business entity and handle all employment functions from a single automated platform. 
  • Instant payments: Manage payroll, generate reports, and deliver compliant, on-time international payments all in one platform.
  • Contractors management: Access contractor management tools to streamline paperwork, onboarding, and payments.
  • Localized benefits: Provide high-quality perks to your remote employees in 180 countries of the world.
  • Actionable insights: Receive country-specific insights to guide you through the global employment journey.

Learn more about Oyster here.

How it works:


Sign up for a free Oyster account. Explore the platform and tools available, including the Employment Cost Calculator, absolutely for free.


Submit a new hire in the platform. Pearl, the virtual hiring assistant, will guide you through the hiring form using country-specific insights and draft the agreement.


The Oyster's real humans team will review the drafted agreement, send it to you for approval, collect signatures, and handle the employee onboarding.


Manage the payroll via Oyster and show new employees that you care by offering special location-based perks.

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