NAVIT is a platform for mobility management that helps companies provide their employees with access to flexible and sustainable urban transportation. This is achieved by allocating an individual mobility budget that covers their mobility needs. NAVIT integrates private and business employee mobility on one platform, moving your teams sustainably and efficiently. NAVIT provides access to all modes of transportation, including public transit, car-sharing, electric scooters, etc., for office, leisure, and business travel, while offsetting the CO2 emissions for each journey.

Supports all work modes

Create incentives to return to the office or promote hybrid working&home office

Attract & retain top talent

Offer modern benefits that improve the work-life balance of your employees

Tax compliant & optimised

Take advantage of tax benefits to reduce costs and maximise payouts

How it works

  1. Employees get access to the NAVIT APP and choose their mobility package.
  2. Users can use their preferred mobility app with their mobility budget.
  3. The NAVIT Dashboard provides HR and Finance with a comprehensive overview of employees and benefits.

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