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About the Integration

­čĹë The Mobilexpense Declaree solution is suited for all types of companies, from small governmental institutions to large international enterprises. It is trusted by renowned clients such as: KPMG, KLM, Miele, Allianz, Schiphol, Kyocera, Otrium, etc.

Key features are:

  1. Support for all types of expenses: out of pocket expenses, daily allowances, credit card payments, cash advances, work from home allowances and mobility related spend
  2. Connected: Declaree effortlessly connects to your HR, ERP, SSO and/or payroll solutions
  3. Mobile app: Native app for employees with lightning-fast OCR, also available offline
  4. Flexible: Declaree is easily configured to support your business processes, e.g. with dynamic workflows and business rules

­čîÄ Regions supported: DACH & BENELUX

Requires: TravelPerk Premium or Pro Plan

How It Works:

  1. The API integration between TravelPerk and Declaree ensures that all (invoiced) bookings from TravelPerk are automatically synchronized into Declaree.
  2. Booking data is automatically pushed to the traveling employees' Declaree platform. They are then able to add all travel expenses to their Trip reports while traveling.
  3. The integration can be enabled from within TravelPerk.

For more details please reach out to your TravelPerk or Mobilexpense representative.

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