Lucca modernizes people operations with a comprehensive HR software solution, designed to meet all your needs. And now Lucca seamlessly integrates with TravelPerk to help HRs enhance employees' experience.

Features of Lucca:

  • Recruiting: Effortlessly hire top talent, faster.
  • HR Management: Save time and streamline tedious processes.
  • Payroll: Maintain centralized employee data for straightforward payroll preparation.
  • Development: Foster a high-performance culture and nurture your employees.

Lucca is designed for SMBs and grows with them offering enterprise-level flexibility without the need to interact with IT.

Benefits of the integration

Efficient time management

Automated synchronization eliminates manual onboarding and offboarding processes, saving time and effort.

Precise data

Enjoy complete accuracy of employee data synced to TravelPerk.

Enhanced security

The user auto-offboarding feature ensures unauthorized individuals cannot access TravelPerk after they leave.

Compliance adherence

Approval flows automatically align with the organizational hierarchy in Lucca, ensuring compliance.

Improved reporting

Auto-generated, fully dynamic cost centers provide accurate travel expense information and ensure policy compliance.