Crisis24 is a one-stop shop for integrated risk management, powered by always-on intelligence and technology. The company offers timely, predictive risk intelligence to help organizations make the right decisions for their people and operations.

How the integration works

Via the integration between TravelPerk and Crisis24, all of your employees’ travel data can be displayed on the Crisis 24 platform. This allows your travelers to have up-to-date information on potential travel risks. The Crisis 24 integration ensures your employees are safe when traveling.

Key features

  • At a glance alert feed and impact count: View all alerts or set up a customized Alert Feed to show only incidents pertinent to you. Utilize multiple filter options to keep the flow of information relevant, including location, severity level, alert category (such as security, environment, or health), date range, keywords, or only incidents that could threaten your organization’s people and sites.
  • View alert and exposure details: See detailed information on the alert and list of your people and sites that may be exposed to the threat.
  • Integrated Crisis Signal and Safety Check-In: With the Worldcue Mobile app integrated into your program, personnel can activate a crisis button or confirm their status through a safety check-in button. Signals are highlighted on your Alert Feed or World Map dashboard.
  • Communication: With Communicator in Companion, you have mass notification capabilities combined with dynamic recipient list creation.
  • Neighbourhood Threat Zones: Identification of higher threat areas, such as those with elevated crime levels or persistent conflict, down to a street level.
  • Full reporting functionality: Pull multiple details reports from the system for upstream reporting or review and track system activity and usage.

Partnership type

Integrated Partner