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We Book Your Business’ Group Trips!

Hands-on Service for Planning and Booking Business Trips for 8 or More People

Booking business group travel is a nightmare

Sending 20 people to a conference or 500 people to a retreat is stressful. Ditch the stress and let us book the event for you—from hotels to flights to ground transportation and even dinner reservations. We've got this.

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Rates you can’t get anywhere else

We are experts in negotiating group rates, saving you money and a lot of hassle.

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Dedicated 24/7 trip support for an unlimited number of travelers

Our amazing customer support not only covers issues with your flight and hotel, but anything else we''ve planned for you.

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All the little details taken care of

Your travel concierge goes the extra mile. Free breakfasts for your travelers, team activity booking, conference room booking and more.

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Let's get started

Talk to one of our Group Travel Experts and learn how we help companies like yours with events and company retreats.

Frequently asked questions about group bookings

Is group booking included with TravelPerk?

Our group booking service is included with Premium subscriptions only. Our Premium subscription is paid per booking, not per month. The cost is $12 / £9 / €10 per trip.

How much does group booking cost?

Group booking is charged at the same rates as your Premium subscription, $12 / £9 / €10 per trip. So, you pay nothing extra for group flights and hotels that we book for you. For ground transportation and other special add-ons, we apply custom fees. Let us know you needs and we’ll tell you the costs upfront.

How do I submit a group booking request?

We're happy to help you plan your upcoming group trip. If you're a Premium customer, send an email to and we will take care of you. If you're not on our Premium plan yet, request a demo to get signed up.

How much notice do you need for group bookings?

Early booking is the secret to cost savings. The more notice we have, the better rates we can negotiate for you. However, we have a ton of tricks up our sleeves, so if you need group booking handled for you on a short notice, reach out to us at

Write a company travel policy that works

Write a company travel policy that works

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Group booking brought to you by TravelPerk, the world’s most loved corporate travel tool

We combine technology with 7-star human support. Your group trips integrate with your TravelPerk account so you can manage all business travel in one place.

  • The World's Largest Flight / Hotel selection
  • Self Booking for Travelers
  • Automated Travel Policy Compliance and Approvals
  • 24/7 Support Before, During, and After the Trip
  • Access to Real Time Travel Spend Data
  • Pay One Vendor, Get One Invoice
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