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Duty of care solutions for business travel

Our comprehensive duty of care solution gives you and your travelers peace of mind with full-scale pre, during, and post-trip safety and security management.

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What is duty of care and why it matters

Duty of care is the legal obligation you have as a company to keep your employees safe and secure. As your business expands its global network, corporate travelers are confronted with new risks such as political unrest or illness. They need to know that you support them no matter what. With effective DOC policies in place, they will feel safe and can perform at a high level.

Full-service duty of care solution

In partnership with International SOS, we help you handle the end-to-end travel needs of your travelers and company. 

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In-depth trip reporting
Get access to globally consolidated information on traveler itineraries and reports on each destination to educate travelers prior to their trips.

Travel alerts
Keep travelers up-to-date with real time updates on potential disruptions or global events.

Travel profile
Manage continually updated records on all employees, ensuring all relevant contact information is correct.

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During trip

Employee Tracking
Track and understand where all your travelers are at any time, based on their itineraries.

24/7 support
Reach out to specialists directly in case of emergency, or for any urgent trip changes and advice.

Major Emergency Response Management
Evacuation and auxiliary services for your travelers, ensuring that whatever happens, they’re fully supported.



Get full visibility and compliance insights into trips, from planned to completed.

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The best duty of care solution for your travel program

International SOS have been pioneering the medical and travel industries for 35 years, providing clients with an unrivaled service supported by invaluable local knowledge on a global scale.

Their primary focus is preventing the unthinkable. With their vast range of preventive programs designed to put your Duty of Care into practice, you and your travelers have the peace of mind to manage business travel safely and successfully.

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Frequently asked questions about duty of care in corporate travel

How does it work?

Through our partnership with International SOS, we offer you a full-scale duty of care solution which helps you to manage, educate, track, and keep your employees safe during their business trips. You can contact us via the form below to talk about your company’s needs and how our duty of care solution can help.

How much does the solution cost?

There’s no fixed fee we can state exactly, as pricing depends on a range of factors. Contact us for more information and our expert team will be able to give you a more detailed breakdown.

Does this solution provide help in case of any COVID-19 related emergencies?

Yes, International SOS helps ensure that all your travelers’ medical needs are covered wherever they are, with the provision of ambulance, evacuation, and repatriation services.

Will there be any reporting available?

Yes, various reports are available. Once you’ve contacted us about our duty of care solution, you’ll be introduced to the International SOS team who will give you a full breakdown of the reporting they provide.

How many languages does International SOS support?

The International SOS team speak about 100 languages and dialects in their assistance centers, clinics, and offices.

How many employees can be covered by the solution?

International SOS can cater duty of care solutions to all company sizes. 

Who does duty of care apply to?

Duty of care applies to all companies from start-ups to big corporations. It’s a legal requirement to ensure the health and safety of your employees whether in the office or on a business trip.

How does duty of care affect my work role?

Duty of care is a legal obligation to protect your employees. Any unsafe practices should be reported to your line manager. Your company should make every effort to make the working environment as safe as possible, including for business travel.

How is duty of care established?

Companies can establish duty of care by creating a duty of care policy. Often companies partner with duty of care (DOC) providers who ensure their DOC protocols are up to scratch. TravelPerk uses International SOS who is a leading DOC provider.

What are some examples of duty of care?

Duty of care applies when employees are sent abroad. This means ensuring corporate travelers feel safe and supported at all times. Some examples of duty of care are supporting employees who miss a flight, misplace a passport or document, become ill while on a business trip or have any form of accident.

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