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Frequent Flyer

What is a frequent flyer?

In essence, a frequent flyer is anybody who travels regularly. They can be travel addicts who are trying to tick off as many countries as possible or business travelers who regularly fly for work. Most frequent flyers sign up to a frequent-flyer program and receive a range of benefits in exchange for their loyalty to an airline.

What are the benefits of being a frequent flyer?

Air miles

Air miles are the main reason people choose to be frequent flyers. For every flight purchased, frequent flyers get air miles, or points, that they can use in partial payment for future flights.

These miles are exclusive to an airline or an airline alliance, which encourages customer loyalty.

Credit cards

Another way to gain air miles is by using an airline’s credit card. Users receive points for every purchase, whether for flights or anything else and can use them toward future flights.

Special offers

Frequent flyers often receive exclusive offers from airlines. These perks range from double air miles or reduced restrictions for obtaining miles.

How do I become a frequent flyer?

Becoming a frequent flyer is very easy because most airlines have some kind of loyalty or frequent-flyer program and they are free to sign up to. Simply consult an airline’s website for more details on how to become one.

Do I have to be a frequent flyer before booking?

In short, no. Airlines with a frequent-flyer program (FFP) offer the option of signing up to their FFP when booking through their website.

Can I be a frequent flyer for multiple airlines?

Firstly, as there is no cost and no exclusivity for FFPs, you can sign up to as many airlines as you like. However, if you fly with a different airline every time you travel, it will take a long time to accumulate air miles.