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Frequent-Flyer Programs

What are frequent-flyer programs?

Frequent-flyer programs, or FFPs, are loyalty schemes run by airlines or airline alliances. Every time customers fly, they accumulate points for future travel discounts as well as other benefits.  

Most large airlines have their own branded frequent-flyer program. For example, Emirates has Emirates Skywards, Air France’s has Flying Blue and the British Airways frequent-flyer program is Executive Club.

What are the benefits of a frequent-flyer program?

The main benefit for the customer is that for every flight, the airline rewards air miles (often called points) that discount the cost of future flights.

Other benefits for customers include discounts on services related to flights, such as baggage or seat selection. Customers on a frequent-flyer program often have priority on travel class upgrades, access to airport lounges, early boarding and more.

Frequent-flyer credit cards

Frequent-flyer programs are often used in collaboration with credit card companies. When a customer uses the credit card for purchases, they receive points in their frequent-flyer club. Using an associated credit card means you receive air miles for your weekly shopping or other purchases.

Special offers

Customers who are part of a frequent-flyer program receive special offers related to flights. This may be in the form of double air miles or reduced restrictions for obtaining miles.

Related Questions

Are frequent-flyer programs worth it?

Frequent-flyer programs are certainly worth it, especially if you regularly use the same airline. Not only do you save a lot through discounted flights, but the extra rewards can be impressive. Furthermore, most programs are free to join, so there is no cost on the customer’s side.

How do I book using my frequent-flyer account?

When booking flights online, sign in to your account and your frequent-flyer account will be activated.