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Business Travel Benefits

What are business travel benefits?

Business travel benefits are the perks that come with corporate travel. They range from hotel loyalty programs to frequent flyer programs and special deals with companies. For booking business trips, corporate travel agencies often manage all aspects of a business trip and provide good customer service if problems arise.

What kind of benefits do business travelers receive?

Most benefits for business travelers are a result of company loyalty. Many corporations have agreements with airlines, hotel chains, credit cards and more, who give business travelers extra perks throughout their trip.

Frequent flyer programs

Many business travel benefits come through a frequent flyer program. Airlines reward loyalty with perks such as air miles, in-flight extras, travel insurance and more.

Hotel loyalty programs

Hotel chains offer individuals and companies superior services through loyalty programs. The more often a business traveler stays at a hotel chain, the more additional extras they receive.

Corporate travel management

Corporate travel agencies combine all aspects of a business trip in one place. They can reduce booking hassle, offer discounts and include rewards such as perks in hotels. Consistent use of a corporate travel agency builds trust, and business travelers have a single point of contact for any problems that may arise.

Where to find out about business travel benefits

Most airlines, hotel chains, and corporate travel management platforms have a corporate travel section on their website, which outlines their business travel benefits.

Are business travel benefits for the company or the individual?

As a general rule, when booking with a company credit card, air miles, points, and other perks are awarded to the company. Business travelers who pay for their own expenses and are reimbursed by their company receive all of the benefits personally.

Is there a standard set of benefits for business travel?

Companies or individuals negotiate their own benefits. Most airlines, hotels or corporate travel agencies have standard business packages, which vary within the industry.