7 best travel agencies in Los Angeles

01 Jul 2024 · 6
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, you might be thinking of planning your next trip. Will it be Italy, Fiji, or Tokyo? What type of accommodation do you prefer? Do you want to go on plenty of excursions, or plan a coast-to-coast road trip?
To make it easy for you to choose the best travel agency for your needs, we’ve created this list of the best travel agents Los Angeles has on offer. Plus, if you need to sneak in a business trip, we’ve split the list into the best options for business travel and the best travel agencies in Los Angeles for leisure vacations.

Best travel agency in Los Angeles for business travel

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk homepage
is a corporate travel management company that offers an all-in-one digital platform. Our state-of-the-art travel management solution helps you organize all aspects of your company’s business trips. Using the platform, employees can book and manage their own corporate travel. 
You’ll have access to a massive travel inventory for flights and accommodation, and a huge catalog of integrations with third-party software at your fingertips. Trains, planes, cars, or anything else you might fancy—we offer a wide variety of booking options to suit all your travel needs.
Our corporate travel solution comes with many useful features, such as: 
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Best travel agencies in Los Angeles for leisure travel

2. SkyTours

Skytours Travel
SkyTours is a full-service travel agency specializing in hotels, flights, cruises, tours, and travel accommodation. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company organizes travel to many worldwide destinations, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Central America, and Mexico, as well as destinations throughout the USA and Canada. 
The agency offers pre-built itineraries and prides itself on providing simplified booking processes and seamless travel coordination.
Some of SkyTours’ services include: 
  • Customizable and buildable tours
  • Group tours 
  • Vacation packages 

3. TravelStore

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, TravelStore specializes in custom vacation travel planning. The company’s experienced travel advisors are experts in creating vacation itineraries and packages throughout many global locations. 
With TravelStore, you can search for vacations by destination or interest, including adventure travel, ocean cruising, and cycling tours. As a member of the prestigious Signature Travel Network, the company’s focus is on creating travel experiences and provides negotiated rates to deliver the best value for your trip. 
Some of TravelStore’s most notable services and features include:
  • A signature collection of 1,100 personally inspected hotels in 90 countries
  • Food and beverage credits and additional exclusive amenities
  • “Cruise Track” software alerts on price changes
  • Vacation Assurance plans
  • VIP concierge benefits

4. All-Travel

All Travel Homepage
Located in West Los Angeles near Santa Monica, All-Travel is an internet-based company specializing in leisure and business travel planning. 
As well as pre-built vacation packages, All-Travels offers a robust search engine function to help customers set their own parameters and travel preferences. Thanks to their partnership with global travel experts and their own first-hand travel experiences, the company also creates customized travel packages. 
If you’re looking for unique excursions at great value, All-Travels’ extensive network of tourism partners — that include luxury and boutique hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators — offers a wide range of unforgettable experiences tailored to your preferences and budget.
As a travel agent, All-Travel offers the following services:
  • Special cruise and land deals
  • Cruise experiences
  • Shore excursions
  • Travel insurance packages

5. Top Travel

Top Travel Homepage
Top Travel is a travel agency that specializes in customized tours, travel packages, all-inclusive holidays, and air ticket booking. 
For a true all-in-one booking experience, Top Travel's all inclusive packages include airfare, transfers, car rentals, excursions, and hotels. The agency’s list of destinations is impressive; you can travel to Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. 
Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more personalized approach, the company's travel planners will craft a personalized itinerary perfectly suited to your preferences and budget.
Some Top Travel services include: 
  • Tailor-made travel packages
  • Escorted tours
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Destination weddings 
  • Group travel 

6. Joy Tours and Travel

Joy Tours And Travel
Joy Tours and Travel is a full-service travel agency that offers a range of travel planning services, including family vacations, short getaways, and custom tours. 
The company’s travel experts help you book air tickets, hotels, river cruises, and all-inclusive packages. In addition, they create customized travel experiences with personalized itineraries that include transfers, car rentals, individual tours, and activities. 
Joy Tours and Travel also offer the following services: 
  • Passport and visa assistance 
  • Flexible reservation policy 
  • Guided tour organization 
  • Travel insurance
  • Destination weddings 

7. Acanela Expeditions

Acanela Expeditions
Acanela Expeditions is a travel company focused on creating immersive and impactful travel experiences around the world. Specifically, they curate small group expeditions, with the travel portfolio encompassing photo explorations, culinary trips, cultural excursions, train journeys, immersive experiences, and educational programs. 
The company’s range of destinations include Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Vietnam, and many, many more. They also offer a variety of trip styles, including local trips, women’s trips, glamping adventures, cultural journeys, culinary tours, and beach vacations. 
Acanela Expeditions works with more than 100 airlines worldwide to find the right flights at the best prices. 
Acanela Expeditions services and features include:
  • Exclusive travel deals
  • No change fees 
  • Travel insurance
  • Air mile advisors 

Ready to choose from the best travel agencies in Los Angeles?

Without knowing what they do and how they do it, handing over complete control of your trip to a travel agency can be daunting.
But, whether you’ve got your sights on a cruise, a group travel excursion, guided tours, or a luxury vacation, this list of the best travel agencies in Los Angeles is a great place to start. 
And if you're in need of a business travel management solution that saves time and money, consider TravelPerk. Our self-booking platform comes with a wide range of travel options, automated expense tracking, and flexible booking. to see how TravelPerk can benefit your business!
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