10 Fun team-building activities in Spain

10 Feb 2023 · 9
Hola, España! Spain has it all. From its art and culture to its beaches and mountains (and of course its tapas) it’s an ideal place for team-building events.
Whether you’re looking to make the most of the Spanish sun with a Mediterranean paella in Valencia or maybe by exploring Andalusian gastronomy further down south, Spain is full of opportunities to bring your team together.
We’ve compiled a list of the best team-building activities in the country that is so well known for its sense of community and togetherness.
Whether your office is based in Spain or you’ve decided to take a team trip, there’s something for everyone in this list of interactive and accessible group activities (it’s not all food-and-wine-oriented, we promise).
This list aims to inspire you to organize a memorable company event that will bring your team closer together and enhance employee engagement, while getting your team out of the office and away from their desks. A cohesive workforce can deliver — setting aside time and resources for team-building activities can be a really worthwhile investment.

Top team-building activities in Spain you need to consider

1. Learn the art of Paella: with a team cooking class

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Group size: min 10
  • Budget: $$
The most popular team-building events are , but we think that the experience might be more valuable if you and your team actually cook this meal together.
Paella, Spain’s most famous rice dish, is legendary—for its taste but also for being difficult to cook well. It’s an art, so what better way to spend an afternoon than learning how to cook it with your team?
The Paella Cooking Experience gives you the opportunity to visit the famous La Boqueria food market with your team, where you’ll buy all your ingredients (think of it as a culinary crash course in Spanish) and learn about the history of paella. You’ll then make not only paella, but several of Spain’s favorite tapas dishes, serving them up with homemade sangria.
This is a great, engaging way to dive straight into some Spanish culture while learning a new skill. The experience is also great value for money, and cost-effective as an alternative to lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

2. Crack the Gaudi code: in the center of Barcelona

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Group size: 10-50
  • Budget: $$
Antoni Gaudi is perhaps the best-known Catalan architect, with his iconic buildings and structures defining Barcelona— you may have heard of the Sagrada Familia?
This activity combines competition with thinking outside the box: think scavenger hunt meets escape room. Your team will be divided into groups, and each group will have to follow clues and collect equipment that has been carefully placed around the city center.
Teams will have to get their creative juices flowing in order  to finish the puzzle and decipher the ‘Gaudi Code’. Each team will be provided with a road book, map, and digital camera to help them complete the tasks. The ultimate icebreaker for any new teams, this activity should be at the top of your list of Barcelona team-building ideas.

3. Learn about sustainability: on a guided hike through Mediterranean farmland

  • Location: Mataró, Barcelona
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: 10-25
  • Budget: $
Green Events Barcelona is all about creating sustainable team-building activities which aim to educate and inspire, while bringing teams together. One of their most popular activities is a guided hike just north of Barcelona, in Mataró.
While walking beside stunning sea views, your guide will tell your group all about the extraordinary flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, discussing the future of agriculture in the region. On the walk, you’ll clear up any litter around, and visit a sustainable egg farm where you can arrange corporate volunteering programs if you wish!
This activity will leave your employees feeling inspired and educated about the future of the beautiful Mediterranean, with a stronger awareness of the importance of sustainable farming.

4. All the wine and tapas: take a trip to magical Montserrat

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Group size: Max 16
  • Budget: $$
There’s no shortage of wine-tasting opportunities in Spain, but if you’re in Barcelona, you have the chance to try some of the best Catalan wines whilst tying in a visit to the world-famous Montserrat Monastery, sitting atop domed mountains just an hour from the city.
Montserrat is renowned for its mind-blowing views, stunning architecture, and fascinating history. Your personal guide will explain all this to you during the tour.
The next stop is a tour of a local Catalan winery, located in an impressive 1000-year-old castle just a few minutes from the monastery.
Your team will learn all about the history of the place, from how the weather influences the taste of the wine to how it’s bottled. You’ll taste this same wine after the tour, accompanied by some classic Catalan tapas.
Good planning is key to any successful event. With the , you’ll ensure nothing slips under the radar.

5. Sip and paint class: in Spain’s capital city

  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: 10-30
  • Budget: $$
If you feel that your team will benefit most from a more relaxed, less physical activity, a Sip & Paint session is for you. Unwind and get creative, painting and chatting in a calming environment. You can opt for the sessions that include brunch if you’d like to stretch out a morning, or alternatively gather together for drinks and dinner in the evening.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or following in Picasso’s footsteps these classes are for everyone, and you can come up with different prizes to make sure the whole team feels included.

6. La Casa de Papel: a popular team-building experience in Madrid

  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: 20-300
  • Budget: $$$
There are few teams as well-known as the group who famously robs the Royal Mint in the Spanish heist television series La Casa de Papel.
It was one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time, so chances are you’ll have a fair few fans in your company. Why not recreate their fiery ambition and unrivaled problem-solving skills in real life with a Casa de Papel team-building activity, in the same city it’s set?
Everyone will be given an iconic red jumpsuit and Dalí mask, and will be divided into teams. Once you’re all masked up, you’ll complete a series of challenges designed for corporate groups to build cohesive group thinking and cooperation.
Whether you’ve watched the series or not, this activity is brilliant for bringing employees together, and you can be sure everyone will leave with a smile on their face.

7. Try a treasure hunt: follow the clues to find the treasure in Toledo

  • Location: Toledo
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: min 20
  • Budget: $$
Treasure and scavenger hunts are some of the most popular team-building activities. They’re an excellent way to encourage teamwork and build decision-making skills, adding a pinch of healthy competition.
In Toledo, Spain’s old capital just 45 minutes from busy Madrid, you and your team can take on a treasure hunt in the historic old town, starting under its battlements.
Following clues to do with Toledo’s culture and heritage, each team will work their way around the city, completing the challenge in a Castilian tavern where you’ll all be rewarded with traditional tapas and wine.

8. Cruise by on a city bike tour: pedal through Valencia on two wheels

  • Location: Valencia
  • Duration: 1-5 hours
  • Group size: Max 20
  • Budget: $
Valencia is ideal for cycling: it’s not too big and it’s incredibly scenic. By organizing a bike tour around the city, you can make sure your team sees all the highlights while keeping active.
Build a tour to suit your team, in any language, specifying any particular parts of the city you’d like to see. With the specially-designed Corporate Bike Tour, you can factor in stops for group tapas, guided tours, or other pre-organized team-building activities.

9. Participate in beach Olympic Games: go for gold on the Costa del Sol

  • Location: Costa del Sol, Andalusia
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Group size: 20-400
  • Budget: $
With a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, get your team up and running with these carefully-planned team-building activities on the beaches of Andalusia.
The whole group will be divided up into teams, who will take turns to complete various challenges. There’s a huge array of activities on offer, from beach volleyball to sack races, to SUP races to beach padel. You’ll create a bespoke itinerary for your team, making sure the activities fit with your requirements.
Just like the real Olympics, there’ll be prizes and an award ceremony. Where better to get competitive and drive team spirit than on sunny beaches in the south of Spain?

10. Flaming flamenco: discover hidden talents with a Flamenco class in Seville

  • Location: Seville
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: min 20
  • Budget: $
Andalusia is the world capital of flamenco, and Seville is its beating heart. Help your team unleash their creative spirit by immersing them in Spanish folklore, learning from experts, and dancing flamenco for an afternoon.
Unless you have an expert flamenco dancer hidden in your company, everyone will be in the same boat, so you’ll all learn together. It’s a way to get your team up and moving, while building team spirit through music and dancing.
If you think your team might prefer to watch a flamenco show instead, there are plenty to choose from. The most popular destinations in Seville include the , , and .

Time to get planning your next team event

With such a vast and varied range of team-building activities, Spain is brimming with ways to encourage team cohesion and engagement—so what are you waiting for? You’ve got the ideas, now you just need to plan it, down to every small detail, so that it all runs smoothly.
Whether you’re based in Spain or visiting from abroad, makes it easier to organize, book travel, and manage attendees for all your upcoming team get-togethers.
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