The 5 best online travel agencies in Malta

27 Sept 2023 · 5
From the very real village of the fictional Popeye to the magnificent azure windows, Malta is arguably the best holiday destination in the Mediterranean—maybe even in Europe. Why wouldn’t it be? The country is most popular for its rich history, and breathtaking vistas attracts tourists from across the world.
With a little help from online travel agencies in Malta, you can plan that dream trip to enjoy the wonders this archipelago has to offer. To help make the process as stress-free as possible, here’s our curated list of the top five online tour operators in Malta.
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The best online travel agency for business travel

Whether you are trying to boost the morale of your team or seal the deal with a client, here’s the best travel agency for the job.

1. TravelPerk: the go-to corporate travel companion

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is a modern solution for modern corporate travel. Its easy-to-use online booking tool is a refreshing change from the clunky UI often associated with business travel. TravelPerk enables you to make flexible bookings for employees, and even offers the option to offset your carbon footprint.
This platform is more than just an OTA, it’s a comprehensive corporate travel management tool that helps your team book, manage, and report on business travel. TravelPerk ensures employees are traveling stress-free on the cheapest flights available, at no sacrifice to experience.
Main offerings and features:
TravelPerk gives employees access to the information and the security they need to travel with peace of mind. It gives organizations and travel managers access to the best corporate travel rates that you won’t find on the market.
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The best travel agencies for leisure travel in Malta

Malta is a great location for leisure travel, from the beaches to the cruises and scenic viewpoints, the list is long. From historical architecture to uncorrupted natural beauty, there’s something for everyone in Malta. And, to help you find your perfect spot, here are the best travel companies for leisure travel in Malta.

2. SMS Mondial: the travel company for global travel

Sms Mondial Malta 1024x658
SMS Mondial is Malta’s largest travel agency. Born from the merger between SMS Travel and Mondial Holidays, you’ll be in good hands with their experienced travel agents. Their offerings include a diverse range of options: flight bookings, hotel accommodations, Malta-to-Malta cruises, personalized vacation packages, and group tours.
Main offerings and features:
  • Good variety of cruises including European journeys, Scandinavian getaways, and Maltese islands
  • Travel experiences across the globe: Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, Caribbean, North and South America, and Central and Northern Europe
  • Escorted land tours so you can have the continued support and guidance of a local travel agent
  • In-depth travel brochures on all their packages and tours

3. Hello Malta Tours: the agency for all your guided tours

Hello Malta Tours 1 1024x347
Hello Malta Tours is a good choice for those who want to discover the nitty and gritty of Malta. With their fully-guided tours that include bus trips, shore excursions, and boat trips you’ll be able to see everything that Malta has to offer, that many miss. Whether you’re a large or small group this travel agency is able to offer something for everyone.
Main offerings and features:
  • Guided sightseeing tours with local guides
  • Option to filter tour by destination, tour type, or day of the week
  • Tours provided in English
  • Tours can pick up and drop off from various spots in the city

4. Kraze Travel: tour leaders in adventure travel

Kraze Travel Malta 1024x487
Kraze Travel is a travel agency designed for the younger generations that want to travel safely and make good memories and great friends along the way. You can book group travel or private holidays in Malta and across the world. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a girls’ trip to Italy? Perhaps a road trip through Australia with your university friends is on your bucket list? Or, are you eyeing up a river cruise across the Maltese islands with your family? Kraze Travel can help you with all of them.
Main offerings and features:
  • You can book special holidays like climbing to the Everest base camp, skydiving in Sicily, or a Sri Lankan dream
  • Group travel with like-minded people on big adventures
  • Wide range of experiences like shopping sprees, food tours, beach holidays, trekking, backpacking, and more

5. Tristar Travel: one of the oldest agencies in Malta

Tristar Travel Malta 1024x328
With almost 40 years of experience, they're one of Malta's most known travel agencies and one of the first ones to open up in the country. They’re also partnered with well-known airlines like Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and most recently, Air Malta. Despite their years of experience, navigating their website to make bookings is a bit difficult.
Main offerings and features:
  • Tristar Travel is IATA-approved and offers freight services
  • They offer extensive tailor-made tour packages to a host of destinations such as Malta’s Capital Valletta, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, many European countries, the Caribbean, and more
  • One of Malta's leading travel agencies

Book the best Malta holiday with these travel agency recommendations

Experience the perfect getaway to the Maltese islands. Whether you come for its ancient megalithic temples and baroque palaces, its crystal-clear waters, or its vibrant nightlife and culture, Malta is ready for you. These five leading travel agencies are the best ones to take you on a stress-free tour of Malta, or around the globe.
When it comes to business travel, TravelPerk is your go-to corporate travel agency. TravelPerk offers 24/7 customer support along with business-friendly features like centralized invoicing and . They also offer to make managing your business travel costs as easy as making lampuka pie for your finance team.
What are you waiting for? Book your dream Maltese holiday today and enjoy the Mediterranean in all its glory.
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