The 5 best corporate travel management companies in Denmark

25 Jul 2023 · 7
Hej! to all Danish businesses with corporate travelers on the move. Whether you’re based in Copenhagen or California, working with a corporate travel management company (TMC) can help you optimize your business travel and ensure your corporate travelers are getting the most out of their trips.
Travel management services are wide-ranging. They include hotel and flight reservations, but they can also provide duty of care resources, ensure travel policy compliance, boost sustainability when traveling, provide support when faced with unforeseen circumstances, facilitate expense management, and much more. Corporate travel solutions unlock a much more efficient booking and organizing process that enables those traveling for work to focus on the task at hand—confident that their travel program is in safe hands.
Working with a global travel management company like TravelPerk ensures that, wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy highly competitive rates, access 24/7 customer support care, and use an all-in-one booking solution to plan your business trips.
In this guide, we’ve put together the best options for Danish companies looking for a reliable, high-quality TMC to work with. Ready? Let’s go.

The best in business travel management for companies based in Denmark

TravelPerk gives you everything you need to manage corporate business trips all in one place. Book, manage and report on business travel with the integrated online booking tool.
Enjoy highly competitive rates for flights, rail, car rental, and accommodation worldwide. Get the latest travel alerts and safety information, and enjoy the flexibility to cancel or change what you need to and get an 80% refund for added peace of mind with TravelPerk’s exclusive extra FlexiPerk
Access 24/7 support from actual people when you need it most, and utilize modern technology for a more efficient way  to manage corporate travel all year round. TravelPerk is packed with an arsenal of awesome features including:
  • Extensive inventory worldwide - Book flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, or even an Airbnb for a hassle-free corporate travel experience.
  • - Speak to a real person by phone or online chat to get your travel issues resolved immediately. Available 24/7 all year round, you're never left in the lurch when a travel emergency arises.
  • FlexiPerk - Gives you the , ever. Book any flight, hotel, car, or train at any rate, and cancel anytime and get 80% of your money back, no questions asked.
  • TravelCare - TravelCare , alerting them to any urgent information affecting their travel.
  • - Create and customize your ideal travel policy in under two minutes. Built-in policies make it simple for employees to stay within budgets and stay in control of their travel without being micromanaged.
  • - Get one invoice for all your purchases and pay just one provider. Don't waste any more time chasing down invoices.
  • - An intuitive, easy-to-use expense management interface enables you to track employee spending in real-time.
  • helps you save up to 25% on your annual corporate travel expenditure.
  • - Set travel emissions targets and drive down traveler emissions through accurate data, and work with carbon compensation solutions.
  • - Easily connect with a catalog of third-party software integration partners and access some great apps from health and wellness to meeting spaces.
  • - From kick-offs and offsites to seasonal parties, organize your work events with ease and enable remote and hybrid teams to connect in real life.
TravelPerk is a leading travel management company offering businesses and travelers complete control and visibility over the travel management process. Everyone benefits from time and money saved, while all aspects of managing business trips are connected and aligned.
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2. Rejsechefen

If you’re looking for a local TMC, you’ll find that Rejsechefen is Danish through and through. They specialize in corporate travel, sports travel, and group travel. Previously known as Holstebro RejseCenter, the company was established in 1991, with a focus on providing comprehensive travel support to groups of 10-500 individuals.
Rejsechefen operates at its headquarters in Holstebro and online. They offer an extensive range of services, including:
  • 24/7 customer support
  • End-to-end travel booking services
  • Highly specialized group travel management
  • Travel insurance
  • Sustainable travel options (e.g. Biofuel)
  • Car rental booking
However, despite their years of experience, many of Rejsechefen’s services are not as up-to-date as they could be. For example, Rejsechefen lacks software solutions and integrations that modern companies, like TravelPerk, offer. Additionally, TravelPerk offers VAT reclaim and readily available carbon emissions reports, both of which Rejsechefen lacks.

3. VR Travel

VR Travel is a Denmark-based corporate travel agency with 50 years of experience in the industry. Operating in Denmark and Greenland, they manage global business trips for 1200 clients through their booking platform, Cytric. Their key offerings include:
  • Transparent pricing system
  • Full logistical administration of business travel
  • Access to competitive travel prices with savings up to 50%
  • ‘Self Service’ option to book flights, hotels, and car rentals yourself with the support of a consultant
  • ‘Full Service’ option to let VR travel consultants book your entire trip
  • Year-round 24/7 customer service
  • Group travel specialists
Despite being one of the more established corporate travel companies Denmark has to offer, VR Travel falls short when it comes to carbon offsetting and integration software options, which they do not offer. If these two capabilities are important to your business, consider TravelPerk’s services in both of these areas, as well as VAT reclaim and world-class coverage of trains and other travel verticals.

4. Metropol Firmarejser

Metropol Firmarejser is a TMC operating in Denmark, offering travel solutions to groups of 8-500 people. With over 15 years of experience, they specialize in building programs and booking activities for corporate travel trips. Metropol Firmarejser also offers end-to-end bespoke packages tailored to each client, with limited destinations available. They offer a range of services including:
  • Team building options
  • Conference and events management
  • Car rental booking
  • Company retreat options
  • Restaurant booking services
  • Expense management
  • Real-time travel alerts
While they offer a range of attractive services, Metropol Firmarejser doesn’t offer flexible bookings—a must when business trips are often subject to last-minute changes. TravelPerk’s tool guarantees an 80% refund for cancellations made up to two hours before the trip.

5. AlfA Travel

AlfA Travel is a Danish travel management company established in 1997. They exclusively offer solutions for group travel, specializing in services for schools, families, and corporate groups. With a base in Denmark, they organize trips around the world, to Europe, the USA, Canada, and Asia.
  • Practical support from an assigned consultant
  • 24/7 customer support
  • End-to-end travel itineraries
  • Travel policy compliance
  • Complete travel management solutions
  • Monitoring of company travel spend
However, AlfA Travel falls short in certain areas, particularly when compared with more modern solutions, like TravelPerk. AlfA does not offer travel data and insights, VAT reclaim services, or third-party integration options. Neither do they offer a flexible travel policy, unlike TravelPerk’s FlexiPerk tool.
How to choose the right corporate travel management company in Denmark
Amid a changing business travel industry landscape, you need the right corporate travel management support from your TMC. When selecting a TMC, the following attributes are crucial:
  • Technology - The driving force of modern travel, your chosen corporate travel company in Denmark should be able to integrate the right travel tech for your business. The right travel technologies can help you manage risk, automate repetitive processes, and identify time and cost savings.
  • Flexibility - Travel plans can change. A TMC that makes adjusting travel arrangements simple is a must to make life easier for travel planners and travelers alike.
  • Responsiveness - Travel disruptions happen. When they do, you want a business travel management company that's available and responsive to tackle any problems that arise. Ideally, you want to communicate with a real human rather than a bot when time is of the essence.
  • Comprehensiveness - You want a corporate travel management company that covers everything. A TMC should be your one-stop shop for all things business travel related. From booking flights and accommodation to managing travel expenses, you want to limit the number of touchpoints to ensure a streamlined travel management process.

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So, there we have it: the top five corporate travel management companies in Denmark, catering to your company’s specific travel needs and more.
With its user-oriented platform, world-class travel inventory, and fast, helpful customer support, TravelPerk consistently comes out on top. Want to find out more about how we can make your next business trip that much easier? See TravelPerk in action and today.
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