The 10 best corporate meeting venues in the USA

21 Jun 2024 · 9
Want to bring your team together in the states? Great! But, that doesn’t exactly narrow your choices down.
From the sunny city of San Francisco to the never-ending buzz of NYC, the U.S of A stretches far and wide (over 3.8 million square miles) giving you plenty of places to go for your next corporate meeting. It’s just as populous as it is large. In fact, the United States has the planned worldwide with over 41 thousand events!
We can hear your worry already: “With so many places to choose from, how do I find the best venues for my next corporate meeting?” Fear not, in this article, we cover the top 10 corporate meeting venues in the USA.

What to look for when sourcing a venue

Finding the right venue involves juggling several factors. First, the venue must accommodate the right number of attendees and have suitable meeting spaces with the right equipment and facilities.
The location should also have good transport links and sufficient parking if required.
If you’re hosting a drinks reception or a conference for several days, it’s important to think about food and beverage options, as well as accommodation if required. The overall cost, including any additional fees (important to keep an eye out for hidden costs) will also determine your venue hire.
The venue you ultimately pick will also be determined by the type of event you’re hosting. Some of the events companies hold at corporate meeting venues might include:
  • Meetings with clients or customers: a meeting venue can provide a professional setting creating a positive impression and helping to build constructive relationships
  • Internal meetings or training sessions: an external venue can provide a neutral location for team meetings or training sessions, supporting productive discussions, and encouraging participation
  • Conferencing or events: the right space can provide the facilities required for larger-scale hybrid events such as seminars, lectures, or product launches
  • : the ideal location for off-site training or group activities, helping to develop team cohesion and boost morale
Now that we’ve covered what to look for, you can be confident that you’ll know it when you see it.
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The top 10 best corporate meeting venues in the USA

To bring you only the best of the best corporate venues in the USA, we searched high and low. Think Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the rest of the USA's major cities famous for amazing corporate event venues.
111 Mina Gallery San Francisco
What do tech titans Google, Meta, and Microsoft have in common? They’ve all held corporate events at this 4,700 sq ft venue in California. While it predominantly serves as an art gallery, the 111 is open five days a week for corporate meetings and can include a continental breakfast, state-of-the-art presentation services, and high speed Wi-Fi.
The 111 Mina features a spacious open floor plan and an integrated art gallery, giving your corporate meeting or event a sophisticated cultural backdrop. It’s also convenient with the nearest airport being 13 miles away.

2. The Los Angeles Convention Center: a state-of-the-art meeting venue for large teams

Los Angeles Convention Center
Hosting over 300 events annually right in the heart of downtown L.A, you’ll find the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s sleek, it’s state-of-the-art, and it offers 147,000 sq ft of meeting space located on the top floor.
Its meeting halls and room features include custom seating arrangements, theaters, and classroom layouts. Especially notable is the Concourse Hall, which can hold up to 2,700 people at once. The Los Angeles Convention Center is about 17 miles away from the closest airport. With two main parking halls accommodating 5,600 vehicles. Going by rail? The Pico Metro station is just across from the convention center.

3. MEET Las Vegas: a venue that lets your light shine

Meet Las Vegas
The MEET Las Vegas is an opportunity to give your corporate meeting or event a special flair. The venue itself features customizable digital signage, color-changing LED lighting, and audio/video display systems.
However, the MEET’s cutting-edge technology is only one part of its appeal. It also gives you three levels of customizable meeting space complete with an outdoor pavilion great for larger events. It’s also conveniently located in Las Vegas’ city center with the Harry Reid International Airport just six miles away.
  • Reviews: 4.4 / 5 stars,  
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Capacity: conference halls can hold up to 300 people
  • Cost: $$$

4. The Bell tower on 34th: Classic old-world charm meets contemporary meeting amenities

Bell Tower
If you want to hold your next corporate meeting in elegance, class, and style, look no further than the Bell tower on the 34th. With its spacious ballrooms, lush gardens, and grand staircases, the venue is reminiscent of idyllic Italian villas.
However, the Bell Tower’s movie set appeal is only one major feature. It also comes with a wide range of amenities such as catering, coordination, and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. It’s in the heart of Houston’s city center and is 17 miles away from the nearest airport.
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5. The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building: luxury corporate meetings in Miami’s most extravagant building

Historic Alfred Dupont Building Miami
Looking to sprinkle a little luxury in your corporate meeting? With its marble walls, ornate, iron gates, and hand-painted cypress ceilings, the Alfred I. Dupont Building is the perfect place for your corporate meeting.
Besides the dazzling decor, the Alfred I. Dupont features plenty of space to bring your team together with two ballrooms, a Mezzanine level, and a gallery lounge for smaller meetings. Going for some extravagance? Their south ballroom is designed to impress with its 6,500 feet of open marble flooring and room for up to 500 people.

6. New York Marriott: corporate meetings by the brooklyn bridge

New York Marriott
The New York Marriott is the third largest event space in Brooklyn and it’s right next to the renowned landmark. Besides a 18,105 sq ft Grand Ballroom, perfect for larger teams, the Marriott also features convenient and luxurious accommodation with its 667 guest rooms, making it a great option for meetings spanning more than a day’s work.
Got special requirements? It’s no problem for the Marriott staff. They provide specialized catering, event technology, and assistance with custom seating to ensure your meeting vision becomes a reality. It’s just 14 miles from the JFK airport and the venue is well-connected with the blue metro line through the Jay St-MetroTech station. 
  • Reviews: 4.3 / 5 stars,
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York City
  • Capacity: The grand ballroom can hold up to 2,100 people
  • Cost: $$$$

7. Pier Sixty: corporate meetings peppered with breathtaking views of the hudson

Pier Sixty Manhattan
How about making your next corporate meeting unforgettable with a breathtaking waterfront view of the Hudson River. The venue itself features a whopping 20,000 sq ft of column-free space including a glass-enclosed terrace and outdoor veranda.
The flexible and expansive Pier Sixty also comes with a VIP lounge making it a great fit for larger corporate events like trade shows, company dinners, and galas. It’s also only 10 miles away from the nearest airport and a 10 minute walk from the nearest C and E metro lines. Those driving to the venue can use Pier Sixty’s parking garage. 

8. Hyatt Regency, Boston: over 25,000 sq ft of water-front meeting space

Hyatt Regency Boston
Modern and sophisticated, the Hyatt Regency in Boston offers specialized meeting rooms and an outdoor terrace for corporate events. But plenty of space isn’t all you’re getting. The Hyatt goes above and beyond with its high-tech audiovisual equipment and premium amenities.
Their largest room can hold up to 650 guests making it perfect for larger teams, while their smallest room holds a comfortable 50. The Hyatt Regency Boston is easy to get to with the Logan International Airport nine miles away.
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9. Warehouse 215: an industrial meeting space in the heart of Phoenix

Warehouse 215 Phoenix
Warehouse 215 is a historic part of Phoenix built in 1918, serving as the city’s main linen and towel supply. Today, it’s a corporate meeting venue that offers 28,000 sq ft of indoor space and an unmatched industrial charm.
Historic? Certainly. Old-fashioned? Not in the slightest! Warehouse 215 offers high speed Wi-Fi, A.V event technology, and modern catering options. Just three miles from the Phoenix airport, it’s the perfect venue for board meetings, banquets, , and kickoffs.

10. The Capitol View at 400 Conference Center: hold corporate meetings in the heart of the nation

Capitol View At 400 Conference Center
Located in the nation’s most symbolic city, the Capitol View is famous for being only a stone’s throw (for a strong arm) from—yep, you guessed it—the Capitol! This rooftop corporate event venue also boasts some of the best conference rooms for your next meeting.
The space itself includes 11 meeting spaces for gatherings for mid- to large-sized teams. Some amenities include catering, event management, and on-site parking. Plus, it’s also only four miles away from the nearest airport.

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