Top 10 tech conferences in Berlin in 2023

25 May 2023 · 7
Berlin isn't just a city with a rich history and culture; it's also a bustling tech hub that's quickly gaining a reputation as a global leader in FinTech, blockchain, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. It's also becoming a haven for creative industries like music, film, and fashion, so you won't be short of things to do when you need a break from all the tech talk.
If you're interested in attending tech conferences, Berlin is definitely the place to be. With a diverse range of conferences covering topics like software development, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more, there's something for everyone. These conferences provide an excellent platform for tech professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and collaborate. Berlin is the ideal destination for anyone interested in the future of technology—plus, with so many beer gardens, parks, and shops, you’ll know where to head after the conference is done.
Let’s take a look at the ten best tech conferences in Berlin so you can start booking and packing.

Top 10 tech conferences in Berlin in 2023

1. YOONAVERSE | Metaverse Fashion: where fashion meets technology in a Metaverse show

  • Dates: July 10-14
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: from €22.49
The Yoonaverse is a series of events that bring together the worlds of fashion, entertainment, gamification, and technology. The event is held in Berlin, physically, but also in the Berlin Metaverse. It is the first fashion Metaverse show that enables the retail industry to showcase collections in a hyper-realistic 3D platform.
Besides showing what tech can do for the world of fashion–and the future of conferences–it brings a message of circularity and sustainability. The event combines leading brands, cutting-edge technologies, fashion tech startups, and innovators to create a truly unique and immersive experience.

2. E-commerce Berlin Expo | B2B Expo & Conference: a place for E-commerce service providers to be part of the future

  • Dates: February
  • Location: STATION Berlin
  • Cost: Free
The E-commerce Berlin Expo is the biggest E-comm event in Berlin, with more than 9,000 visitors and 280 exhibitors. This conference is the perfect place for e-commerce service providers to network and learn the latest trends and news in the space. With featured exhibitors like allegro, BigBuy, brightdata, sendinblue, shopware, and many more you’re guaranteed to see the best in the game at the expo. Plus, you’ll be able to here valuable insights from more than 75 speakers.

3. Node Congress Berlin 2023: get expert insights from the world of JavaScript backends and DevOps

  • Dates: April 14-17
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €380
The Node Congress Berlin is the place to be for all things JavaScript backends and DevOps. With more than 35 speakers sharing expert insights and over 5,000 devs from all over the world, you’re guaranteed to learn about cutting-edge technology, get better as a backend developer, be inspired, and meet new like-minded individuals. There will be workshops, pre and after-parties, retro gaming museum tours, and plenty more for you to enjoy and get the most out of this experience.
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4. Rise of AI Conference 2023: the yearly gathering of leading minds in AI

  • Dates: May 9-10
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €1,100
The Rise of AI conference connects AI experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders, and game changers to discuss Artificial Intelligence for society, politics, and the economy. Join this conference if you want to learn everything you need about AI: the latest trends, possible developments for the future, brands and companies working in the AI space, and much more. With 50 speakers you’re guaranteed to leave the conference with some brand new and cutting-edge knowledge, as well as some valuable networking opportunities.

5. WOMEN IN TECH CONNECT BERLIN 2023: welcome inclusion and diversity in the tech world

  • Dates: May 12 - but has been postponed TBC
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: TBC
The WomenTech Network is a committed community that's all about shaking things up in the tech industry and making sure women are represented and valued. They connect talented and skilled professionals with companies and startups that understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. It's a place where women can be themselves, showcase their skills, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. If you're looking to break barriers and make a difference in tech, WomenTech Network is the place to be!

6. TOA Festival: Berlin’s tech space at its finest

  • Dates: July 7-5
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €369
The Tech Open Air Festival, originally the world's first crowd-funded festival, has developed into a community of over 20,000 tech enthusiasts and thought leaders who come together in Berlin every summer to share their passion and knowledge for technology. With more than 200 speakers–and more than 1000 founders and co-founders–you’re guaranteed to learn where technology is headed and growth opportunities abound. Renowned industry experts will share their knowledge of software architecture, supply chain, AI, automation, IoT, cybersecurity, and much more from the world of technology—you don’t want to miss this one!

7. WeAreDevelopers World Congress: the perfect place for developers

  • Dates: July 27–28
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €399
The WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin is the ultimate summer event for tech enthusiasts worldwide. With over 300 speakers and A-list brands in attendance, you'll get hands-on practical advice about the latest trends and innovations shaping our world. But it's not all work and no play—the official conference party is legendary, featuring live DJs and electronic music. Last year, DJ Tiësto headlined, and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network, and party with thousands of developers from around the globe.

8. DevOpsCon Berlin 2023: learn from the world’s best DevOps masterminds

  • Dates: June 12-15
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €699
The hybrid conference DevOpsCon Berlin 2023 can’t be missed. With four full days of workshops, keynotes, and sessions, and more than 75 speakers from around the world, you’ll walk out of this event with so much new knowledge you’ll need a week off to process it. You’ll be able to learn from the best in the industry about the latest innovations and to network with an international community of DevOps enthusiasts.

9. Berlin Buzzwords 2023: the mothership event for those interested in modern data infrastructure, search, and machine learning

  • Dates: June 18-20
  • Location: Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
  • Cost: €810
  • Speakers: Jennifer Ding, Suman Karumuri, Atita Arora, Sophie Watson, and Jo Kristian Bergum and more
Berlin Buzzwords is the ultimate destination in Europe for anyone interested in modern data infrastructure, search, and machine learning. This leading conference brings together top experts who unravel the mysteries and educate an international audience on the latest trends and industry buzzwords. Whether you're a developer, engineer, IT architect, analyst, or data scientist, Berlin Buzzwords offers a platform to delve into open-source software projects, covering everything from data analysis, machine learning, scalability, storage, and searchability. Prepare to be inspired, learn, and connect with fellow enthusiasts in this vibrant and dynamic event.

10. Droidcon Berlin 2023: the Android extravaganza

  • Dates: July 5-7
  • Location: Berlin
  • Cost: €420
Droidcon Berlin is a must-attend for Android enthusiasts. This vibrant conference attracts a diverse international crowd of developers, designers, and experts, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in Android development, including Kotlin, Android architecture components, UI/UX design, and performance optimization. With keynote speeches, technical sessions, and workshops, attendees will be able to exchange knowledge and best practices. Get ready for an Android extravaganza and join Droidcon Berlin this summer.

Don’t miss your chance to visit Berlin and its world-leading tech events

Get ready for an exciting year of tech conferences in Berlin in 2023! As one of Europe's leading tech hubs, Berlin is giving North America and Asia a run for their money with a wide variety of high-quality conferences.
Whether you're interested in data infrastructure, search, and machine learning at Berlin Buzzwords, mastering the latest trends in Android development at Droidcon Berlin, or learning everything there is to know about AI at Rise of AI, there's something for everyone. With the vibrant and diverse international crowd that tech conferences in Berlin attract, you're sure to leave with new insights, valuable connections, and unforgettable memories.
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