5 most popular TravelPerk stories from 2020

26 Jan 2021 · 3
You can tell a lot about a man by the books he keeps
Walter Benjamin
… Or in our case, you can tell a lot about what people were thinking about in 2020 by the TravelPerk articles they read. Let’s take a look at how our collective interest in business travel evolved with the pandemic.

Before the pandemic struck (January - March)

We all started 2020 much like any other year. We reflected on the year that had just come to pass, made New Year’s resolutions, and started planning for what was to come.
No surprise, then, that our most popular articles from January to March focused on how incredibly , and where the best for 2020 would have been. Check out our updated article that reflects 20 significant .

The “new normal” (March - October)

As of March 2020, we had to adapt to a new reality. We had to learn to live a new way. Professionals around the world had to put away their suitcases and briefcases, and start working from the safety of their own homes.
They began using new tools to make remote work more efficient. So, they came to us to learn more about the (updated in January 2021). They also started to get curious about when they’d be able to travel again, and what that would be like. This resulted in our most popular article ever—. Read on to learn more about what travel will be like in a post-pandemic world.

The beginning of the “next normal” (October - December)

After the restrictions were eased a little during the summer, business travelers began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. With bringing green shoots of recovery, business travelers started to look to the future.
They wanted to know the best way to protect themselves from transmission, and what the were.  Office and travel managers even began thinking about how to

Entering 2021

As we enter this New Year, we’re seeing a spike in interest in business travel again. Our readers continue to show interest in what masks to wear while flying, what travel will be like in a post-COVID world, and why .

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