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Automated Travel Policies & In-app Approvals

Put your own limits on the world’s biggest trip inventory. Define a travel policy and approval workflow in under 2 minutes. Full control, no micromanagement.

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Travel Policies
That Work

Set in 2 minutes flat

Create your ideal travel policy in under a minute. Simple to setup, easy to rollout. Test and optimize as you go.

Total Compliance

Your policies are embedded directly inside the booking tool. No more struggling to enforce them.

Smart Policies

Flexible and transparent. Customizable by team, destination and travel dates. Travelers enjoy the freedom of managing their own travel, with none of the mess.


Flexibility & Control

You decide how strict your travel program should be. Manually approve when needed.

Unrestricted – All travelers can book any flight or hotel. Strict – All bookings require approval before confirmation.

Freedom & Transparency

Give your travelers the clarity and autonomy they deserve by eliminating all friction and uncertainty from the booking process.

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