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Offset 100% of your business travel carbon emissions and get real-time, actionable information on your company’s carbon impact.

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Carbon neutral business travel – How does it work?

GreenPerk, in partnership with atmosfair, lets your company offset 100% of the carbon emissions (CO₂) generated during business travel automatically through our platform on a per-trip basis.

You pay €23 (charged in your local currency) per tonne of CO₂ emissions for each business trip to offset all of the carbon. Prices per trip depend on travel choices (for example, trains emit less CO₂ than planes), however, on average this works out as 4% of the total trip price.*

*Average is calculated based on a round-trip flight from London to Barcelona, including a two-night stay in a standard hotel.

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Reduce your corporate carbon footprint

CO₂ emissions insights

Get access to real-time tracking with our CO₂ emissions dashboard, giving you visibility into how much CO₂ your company is emitting and displacing. We empower you with the data you need to make the right decisions when tailoring your travel management program—which can also help you save money.

Even if you haven’t signed up for GreenPerk, you’ll still be able to see actionable data about your company’s carbon emissions in the reporting section of the TravelPerk platform.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting is a way for companies and individuals to reduce their CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions through contributions to environmental projects. These can be funded by direct financial contributions to a project, or by purchasing carbon credits—with one credit representing the equivalent of one tonne of CO₂ emissions. By purchasing carbon credits, companies invest in projects around the world that help to reduce future emissions.

Our partnership with atmosfair means our customers will be contributing to sustainable carbon offsetting projects that are fully certified to the highest standards by global bodies, including the United Nations. atmosfair uses these contributions to develop renewable energies in countries where they hardly exist. As a company, we’re also committed to reducing our own carbon footprint, and will be offsetting our business travel emissions with atmosfair.

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atmosfair is a non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing, and financing energy efficiency and renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. They rely mainly on voluntary climate payments from private individuals and businesses. Aiming to decarbonize the world economy, they’ve designed their software tools and consulting services to assist businesses in executing their climate policies, with a particular focus on business travel.

Their work ethic is based on the following principle: only compensate what can’t be avoided or reduced. This approach constitutes the foundation for all their partnerships, ensuring not only climate integrity but also cost efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

How does GreenPerk work?

As a TravelPerk customer, you can opt in to offset 100% of the carbon emissions for all of your company’s business trips via GreenPerk. This is done in partnership with atmosfair, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable carbon offsetting projects that are certified to the highest standard.

With the GreenPerk program, you’ll get access to real-time tracking that lets you see how much carbon your company is emitting and displacing. With this information, you can tailor your travel management program to include more sustainable travel options and make informed decisions about your company’s carbon impact. Even if you haven’t signed up for GreenPerk, you’ll still be able to see data about your company’s carbon emissions in the reporting section of the TravelPerk platform.

How much does it cost to become part of GreenPerk?

Once you’ve opted in to GreenPerk, you’ll be charged per trip taken. atmosfair have a fixed price per CO₂ tonne of €23.

Prices per trip will depend on your travel choices (for example, trains emit less CO₂ than planes). On average, the price is 4% of the total trip cost to offset 100% of the carbon emissions. This average has been calculated based on a flight from London to Barcelona, including a two-night stay in a standard hotel.

Is it charged per booking or per trip?

You’ll be charged per trip taken for every tonne of CO₂ your travel emits.

What does the service fee cover?

The service fee covers what it costs us to bring you GreenPerk on our platform.

Will there be any CO₂ reporting available?

Yes. You’ll receive a quarterly CO₂ report that will include a CSV with all carbon emissions data relevant to each trip. We’ll also include multiple graphs with insights that can help you spot further sustainability opportunities, though this process may be subject to alterations going forward.

Even if you haven’t signed up for GreenPerk, you’ll still be able to see actionable data about your company’s carbon emissions in the reporting section of the TravelPerk platform.

Does GreenPerk only cover CO₂ emissions from flights?

No, GreenPerk offsets the carbon emissions for all of your business travel. Our partner, atmosfair are transparent about their calculations, recognizing that many airlines report only CO₂ from burning kerosene. What’s missing is non-CO₂ emissions which, depending on the route, can make up to two-thirds of the full climate impact from flying. atmosfair’s calculations work to include and offset these other emissions as well.

What environmental projects will my company be contributing to as part of GreenPerk?

Projects that atmosfair currently work on include the following (click on the project links to learn more about each of the projects on the atmosfair website):

Nepal biogas: Subsidizing the construction of household biogas plants in rural Nepal, replacing firewood for cooking. Beside reducing carbon emissions from burning wood, the project helps combat deforestation, landslides, and the loss of biodiversity. The project reduces more than 300,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Rwanda cookstoves: Providing efficient cookstoves that use 80% less firewood compared to regular open fires. In Rwanda, which suffers from high rates of deforestation, clean cooking is helping preserve the forests, which are home to mountain gorillas.

India – generating electricity from crop residues: In the region of Rajasthan, many farmers grow mustard. While the seeds are processed to make oil, the husks traditionally remain unused on the fields. The building of a biomass power plant is changing this; Farmers now sell their harvest residues which are used to generate electricity. The clean power is fed into the grid, improving the availability of electricity in the region, and displacing fossil fuel, saving approximately 50,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

Can I opt out of GreenPerk once I’ve opted in?

Yes, you can opt out of GreenPerk once every quarter.

How is the price of carbon calculated?

The short answer to this is that the quality of the projects that are being invested in plays a big role on the price. Prices can fluctuate based on region, market conditions, and the certification program.

Providers like our partner atmosfair, that offer Gold Standard certified projects, will offer a higher price per carbon tonne because of the quality and impact of their projects. More details can be found about these projects on the atmosfair site.

Will my company receive a carbon offsetting certificate?

Every customer who is part of GreenPerk will receive a certificate and badge to show that they are part of our offsetting program. However, this is not an official document.

Are carbon credits tax deductible?

Currently, contributions to atmosfair may be tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax advisor to make sure that your local tax regulations permit deductions from contributions to Corporate Income Tax.

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